Scott Patrick MooreEvening Coach

    Scott Patrick Moore is our Head Evening Coach.  He is a former football and track athlete and has had interest in fitness his entire life.  A longtime friend from his hometown of Columbus, OH led him to CrossFit.  Telling him, “There is no better training program around”.  In the early part of 2011, Mike_G took Scott through his first CF WOD and he has been plowing forward ever since.  Scott is a CF Level 2 Coach and has also completed the CF Coach’s Prep, CF Gymnastics, CF Movement & Mobility and CF Kids Seminars.  Scott is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Georgia State University.  Sports, Fitness, and Health have always been a passion for him, and he’s tried every training program under the sun.  For him, CrossFit brought the three together in a combination that made sense. He saw incredibly quick results in his own training but when he began using CF to coach others, he was truly blown away by the results that the program could achieve.

    “Going to the gym daily and watching people sweat, laugh, strive and progress…makes everyday worthwhile.  As a coach, I firmly believe that CrossFit will not only change our clients’ bodies, but also their lives.”

    Favorite WOD: “Diane” & “Elizabeth”

    Dreaded WOD: “Barbara”