Thursday, April 9, 2009

CrossFit ATL 2616

Workout of the Day

Make Up Day:  Make up a missed workout.  Make up your own workout.  Or try this:


30 Snatch for time (60 kg/45kg)

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  • Ryan Cook

    Ran 2 miles yesterday on the treadmil 17:02

  • Lindsay

    Morning all –
    I did a make your own:
    5 rounds for time:
    10 Pull ups
    15 Box jumps (the green one for the first time: 24″?)
    20 Push ups
    25 squats
    Time was crap: 28:22 – might as well have taken me an hour….I blame the pollen and the morning…boo mornings.
    Thanks for making me go down to the blue band Marie – I looked a fool trying it on Sunday, but today starting with it, it was as if nothing had changed. I WILL do at least one unsupported pull up by May 1st!!

  • Marie_CFATL

    Of course, Lindsay. I know you’ll get that pull up soon-you’re getting stronger by the minute.
    Was it blue? or purplish?

  • Lindsay

    You know I think it was blue, but I am terrible with colors. It was rubber-band-colored with a patch of blue-ish. It was skinnier than the green, I know that much 🙂

  • Margaret

    Ran 5k at the track last night. My time was 1:15 slower than my last time. I am worn out and perhaps the pollen got in my way. Who knows. May try to better that at some point this weekend, depending on what the WODs look like this time around. Last time: 25:08, this time 26:23. See you people tomorrow morning. P.S. My lats are on fire.

  • Rob M

    Did some of the Australia regional workouts yesterday and today.
    Yesterday: 3x [10 60kg Clean and Jerk, 15 Ring Dips, 20 1.5pd Kettlebell Swings] in 7:05
    This morning: 21-15-9 [Burpees, CTB Pullups, 400m Row] in 8:39.

  • peterbassi

    Ran 3 miles in 24:28 last night. Think I’m gonna give that 21-15-9 burpee, ctb pull-up, 400m row a try today. I’ve never done rows in a workout before.

  • Reply

    I am in for Paintball.

  • Marie_CFATL

    Solar powered oven, you’ll be surprised what it looks like and how much it costs.

  • Matthew Queen

    So I had an awkward moment this morning on the elevator. At the IRS there are tons of lawyers in the building. One thing law school is known for is its crappy first year. With that in mind, read this transcript:
    Her: “Well, they say the first year is the hardest.”
    Me: “Ah, law school? Yeah, the first year is a bear.”
    Her: “No, I just lost a child.”
    Me: “Uh… Law school’s hard too.”
    And there we stood. There wasn’t anywhere to go and it got really awkward. We just kind of stood there in stupid silence until they got off the elevator. Boy I felt like an idiot.

  • Rob M

    Oh man, I just cracked up in my lab. That is awkward.

  • Marie_CFATL

    Uh wait… how were you suppose to know that this was what she was talking about? Ackward for sure.

  • Lindsay

    LOL…that is ackward, I bet that was one long elevator ride. Maybe you should stick to conversations about the weather in the elevator for a while.

  • Ryan Cook

    10 rounds
    15 deadlift 135#
    15 push ups
    I think Ken made this one up

  • MikeG_CFATL

    I did the same workout as Rob.
    21-15-9 burpees & pull ups (ctb)
    400m row after each round

  • Chandler Alford

    WTF?!?!!??! Why isn’t anyone snatching!?!?! If you haven’t done the WOD today, get your butt in the gym at 7:00 pm!

  • Amy J

    I made up the 5k run today at Memorial Park. From my front door until I got back home was 34 minutes, which included approximately a 3 minute walk to where I actually start my run. So….. I’m guessing it took me 30-32 minutes. My last 5k took me 35 minutes so I PR’d!! I made sure to take all 3 of my daily allergy medications, however they didn’t help. I’m off to do a saline rinse to clear my sinuses of the yellow poison we all call pollen.

  • kba_cfatl

    Elizabeth as Rx 22:20
    I got on the board by default because Marie and Stephanie are the only names up there now for the ladies. But I think I was close to 2 minutes over Stephanie’s time and I thought I would take a lot longer.
    ‘Tis the season for the netti pot.

  • Laura

    OK Paintballers! Here is the scoop. we need to be at Nitro (45 miles from atlanta) at quarter to 10am on Sunday. We are going to carpool from the gym if you want to carpool and we are meeting at the gym at 8:30AM.
    Bring: some extra cash to buy extra paint $10-20. we are trying to bring a grill and food for lunch since we are playing 10-2. more details on that later as I figure it out, but I’ll likely bring some hamburgers and hot dogs for the group. The owner of Nitro suggested wearing a bandana around your neck (I got hit there on bare skin last time I played and it was oozing and gross, and pretty f-ing cool) and also cheap gloves with the tips of the fingers cut off.
    After paintball we will go to Fox and Hound for dollar beers and dollar fish tacos! The losing team of each game buys the round of drinks.
    Questions: call Laura 404-272-3589

  • Erin

    Hey guys, it was great seeing you all at the gym the other night, I will be out of town with my little one until the Qualifier in Jacksonville. I’m hoping as Ian suggested Jaxson will be doing Fran in no time. See you all in a couple of weeks.

  • VAS

    3 rounds
    4 hspu
    8 ctb pull ups
    12 185# deadlift
    16 20″ box jumps

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