Thursday, January 14, 2010

CrossFit ATL 4362 (1) Mike G.

Workout of the Day

For time:

2500 kg from ground to overhead. (2000 kg for women).  Pick a weight and go.

Deadlift-reverse curl-press, snatch, power snatch, clean & press, clean & push press, they are all good, mix up movements if needed.

Post time, weight used, and movements.

We will be closed this weekend while hosting the CrossFit Running Certification Seminar  with Dr. Nicolas Romanov.

Check out the new blog for posting and talking about your goals for 2010

The New York Times discovers Paleo, and mentions CrossFit.  Read New Age Cavemen.  In keeping with tradition of NYT getting most things wrong, see how many factual errors you can spot.

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  • Bethanie

    let’s just say i won’t be passing that NY Times article along to my family who already thinks I’m psychotic.

  • Bethanie

    This week’s events!!!!!
    Friday night winter bday celebration at Ormsby’s around 9pm until you “tucker out”.
    Saturday morning hangover run up stone mountain. If you care to carpool, meet at Flying Biscuit on Northside pkwy at 10am where we will be having breakfast afterward.

  • Steve

    As soon as I saw that the article was published in the “Fashion & Style” section I figured it was going to be a “take a look at these weirdos” piece.

  • Freddie

    I might be willing to try the stone mtn run. I’ll see how I feel sat morning. Maybe just meeting for breakfast is also good.

  • VAS

    Prepromethian, haha.
    I think NYT did a great job. I didn’t catch the weirdo refrences.
    And forget a rival tribe. Vegans are aliens.

  • Marie_CFATL

    Really? This one made me crack up:
    “His workouts include scooting around the underbrush on all fours, leaping between boulders, playing catch with stones, and other activities at which he believes early man excelled.”
    If that’s not a “look at the weido” I don’t know what is.

  • RyanJ_CFATL

    Also this part: “Much of his nourishment comes from grass-fed ground beef, which he eats raw. In a bow to the times, he sometimes uses a fork.”

  • RyanJ_CFATL

    Totally down for a hangover run.

  • Freddie

    I don’t know what’s worse, the fact the NYT would write an article like this or the fact that after seeing this I could write articles for the NYT. My favorite part,
    “Another caveman trick involves donating blood frequently. The idea is that various hardships might have occasionally left ancient humans a pint short. ”
    I can’t wait to do Fran a pint short. To get the caveman burn.

  • Bethanie

    Guys, I’m the lone ranger who posted goals on the new blog. Please join me and post yours under “comments”. Also, feel free to comment on others goals…if someone has the same as you come up with ways to work on them together, etc. I’m going to need to erase the board at the gym this week to post events on it.

  • Ken

    Just a note for those planning to compete in sectionals, or those just wanting to do some hard workouts.
    We have been doing qualifier workouts from last years sectionals as a group (when possible). We do put them on the board, so if you cannot make the group then you can still do the wod and compare your times. We are trying to do them on either Sat or Sun.
    Anyway, if you want to be on the e-mail list for the workouts please e-mail me at:
    ken (dot) gall AT
    We have also been sending out a workout schedule that includes some doubles for those of you wanting to do some extra stuff, but as always, you should tailor the extra work you to towards things you suck at.

  • Brandon Crossfit NE Georgia

    I wasn’t at a spot where I was able to do the 15-12-9 Clean&Jerk/HSPU WOD, but I did do the 10rounds: 1min row, 1min rest, with the goal being 3000m. I got 3038m.
    See you guys tomorrow! I miss getting beat by you all at these WODs.

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