Thursday, July 28, 2011

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It's Time To End The War On Salt, Scientific American

The Political Science of Salt, Gary Taubes

We are hosting a CrossFit Olympic Lifting Course in September.  Register now while you still can.

Mike G. vs Jake "The Snatch Addict"

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  • Andy L

    WOD one announced and it’s a bit on the ridiculous side – not that you’d expect anything less. Let’s hope the currents are cooperating. Master P is going to kill it!

  • MsDanyal

    two important observations ..
    1. MIKE G .. sportin the winning shorts – should get extra credit for that Those are the best WOD shorts EVER !
    2. Anybody else find it interesting that Bobert sticks his tongue out of the side of his mouth just like Leah P does when exerting great strength? OMG!!! are their tongues the super secret power source to their amazing strength? crap! when they make out …does the earth skid off it’s rotation ?

  • Andy L

    I really hope they are fucking with us. Traveling all the way to Cali for max distance softball throw. Nothing says fittest on the planet like throwing a ball. I’m thinking they’ll end with a bang… thumb wrestling.

  • Dave Hodges

    I would pay a lot of money to see Chris Spealler and Mikko Salo thumb wrestle.
    I agree that throwing a ball is silly, but the concept is fine. Why couldn’t they just use the standard discus or shot put?

  • Andy L

    Now that the softball throw “WOD” has had some time to settle it’s not as bad as I originally thought. With that said, I’m fine with all the skill work and I understand the functionality of being able to throw a ball… I agree it seems a bit silly.

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