Thursday, March 25, 2010

CIMG3373 Paleo Cookout Party last Saturday

Workout of the Day

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments. 

Back Therapy, with the Reverse Hyper Machine

"Strong Circulation" by Geoffrey Norman, the Wall
Street Journal,

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  • Dave Hodges

    As prescribed, loads in lbs:
    310 [new PR]
    315 [FAIL]
    305 [FAIL]

  • mike k

    Sergia hit 160 Kg on deadlift this morning!!!!!!
    Watch out Laura D, there’s a new sheriff in town! I suspect she could even get a little heavier. somewhere out there a girl is warming up with your max
    Great work Sergia!

  • Laura

    Wow, way to go Sergia! 160 Kilos That is great! I think I will have to hit the juice if I am going to compete on that level 🙂

  • Leah P

    SERGIA!!!!!! you are my idol… killer job this morning, woman 🙂

  • peterbassi

    My official last day in Atlanta is next Friday. I’m picking up my moving truck in the morning and I’m gonna help my dad load it. He’s in his 60s and I’m a gimp, so if anybody can help pack the truck up Friday morning/afternoon it would be seriously appreciated. The beer of your choice will be present in substantial quantities.
    Like I said I’m trying to get rid most of my furniture so there shouldn’t be many heavy/bulky items. I’ve already sold the heaviest thing I had, the bar. I’ve still got the couches and bedroom furniture if anybody’s interested.

  • Nancy E

    Hey Mike, I left my red book AND my polka dot water bottle in the gym this morning – flogging/burpees for me! I’ll try to stop by at lunchtime to pick them up.

  • Nancy E

    …and she made it look EASY!!! Way to go, Sergia!

  • Adam Springer

    Hey Peter…I can come help you for a bit. I’ll be in the gym tomorrow at 5, still out of town today. I’ll get directions from you then or you just can just shoot me an email/call/write them on the board…

  • Dan CFATL

    New PR for the Old Man, both the 140 and the 145 kg deadlift were PRs, up 10 kg from December PR of 135. Closing in on 2 X bodyweight. Paleo and Progenex are better than steroids!

  • RyanJ_CFATL
    Not Paleo but funny.

  • Dave Hodges


  • kba_cfatl

    LOL. Which Wendy’s is this? I need to go visit.

  • kba_cfatl

    Congrats on the all the deadlift PRs
    wow to 160kg

  • peterbassi

    Bethanie tells me one or more of you don’t believe I’ve ever actually done a crossfit workout. : ) Rather than direct you go my beyondthewhiteboard profile, I will do an actual workout before I leave next week. It will be a modified Cindy. In place of the air squats (since I can’t do them with any kind of speed) I will substitute 15 double-unders. I’d love it if a few of you would do it with me. Maybe I can talk Bethanie into making it the 6:00pm workout some day next week.
    My “workout” today:
    3 minutes double-unders.
    ~40 pullups
    32 air squats
    15 ring dips
    Help coach 6:00 class
    45 strict HSPU (5 sets of 9)
    ~1:30:00 : )
    The air squats wrecked me.

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