Thursday, May 28, 2009

CrossFitTrainingStaffSummit Mike G. recently attended the CrossFit Trainer Summit.  He is in the middle of this picture that is on the main website today,  The summit was a meeting of the folks who train trainers.  Photo is courtesy of

Workout of the Day

Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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We will be closed this weekend in order to host the CrossFit Barbell Certification Seminar.  Please go visit one or more of our friendly nearby CrossFit Affiliates.

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  • Ryan Cook

    Did yesterdays WOD but subbed squats for box jumps 11:26

  • Arthur

    Made up Barbara yesterday:
    50:13 including 3 minute breaks. First round complete at 4:48. Last round complete at 50:13. Without 12min of rest, 38:13. Also (after a nauseating car ride) I had my first crossfit induced throwup, however i dont want to claim it because it as it wasn’t much to be proud of. I usually back off if I start feeling that bad. I definitely think I need to work on my diet. I came in feeling pretty weak on energy.

  • Steve

    The Crossfit Affiliate blog topic yesterday was — “Is a proper warm-up underrated or overrated?” The comments were an interesting read (lots of different thoughts about the warm-up):
    and they linked to a blog entry from Crossfit Evolution about their search for the perfect warmup:
    I’ve been chugging away with two rounds of the standard crossfit warmup for the last year. The PRs are getting fewer and farther between, and I’m still not able to do WODs as received that have certain movements like muscle ups, handstand pushups, or heavy deadlifts. I’m starting to rethink my approach to warmups as a way to improve in the places where I’m stuck. I see three different philosophies around using the warmup to improve:
    (a) the warmup is just to get your body ready for the WOD, all the improvements come from hammering the WOD as hard as possible
    (b) the warmup is a place to work on skills and “goats”, like double-unders or perfecting your clean, so when it comes up in a WOD you’ll be ready
    (c) the warmup is a way to “grease the groove” on common movements like pullups or GHD situps, increasing your max reps by doing them all the time
    I’ve been mostly operating in category (a) for the last year, I’m now wondering if I can use approach (b) or (c) to get better results. Thoughts?

  • VAS

    I always consider that a warm up is whatever I need to get ready for the workout. And this changes depending on my mood and the workout for the day. Somedays, like Murph my warm up is the first mile run. When there’s a lot of pull ups in a workout, I only do 5 pull ups in the warm up. And then othr days I do 2 rounds of the stuff on the board, including the handstand. But, again, it its what I feel like I need to be ready for that day.
    Once in a while, when I want to improve on something, like running form or 500m row time, I’ll put that in the warm up for a week and focus on form or the fastest 500m row, respectively. But I cannot maintain this for more than a week because I get bored and find new stuff I want to try out.

  • Charlie_CFATL

    The point of a warm up is to get loose and get ready for your exercise. However, the way you go about that does not and should not be the same every time (crossfit fundamental!)
    In the words of Coach Glassman “The only way to get better at pullups, is to do pullups” I think this applies directly to the warmup. A customized warm up is the way to go, if you suck at something add it in until you have acquired that skill.
    If you have a WOD that includes moves you have never learned, guess what your warm up should be made up of.
    One of the things we tend to shy away from is doing things we aren’t good at (me and muscle ups). One of the fundamentals of crossfit is variety, and as the guys at the games can attest, you always have a weakness that you can work on.
    (and no i haven’t done a muscle up yet, but I did run a 5k last night for the first time in a year)

  • Marie_CFATL

    I have to agree with Vas and add to it. I rarely (as in never) do both rounds of the warm up. In my opinion, the standard Crossfit workout is great to do just that- get yourself warm for the workout. This works great when you are starting out, but most people will quickly find that movements come up that you can’t do and that aren’t in the warm up for you to practice. When working up the ladder to do these movements prescribed, I always practiced them instead of doing the second round of squats, push ups, pull ups, ect. ect. ect. When something called for HSPU and I couldn’t do them and was planning on doing them with 2 abmats- I always did a few with 1 abmat or whatever I could manage (but didn’t burn myself out). Play around with stuff in your warm up- most people don’t get their first muscle up being like ‘oh I am going to go into the workout and do muscle ups even though I haven’t done them before’. They practice them before their workout- this should be applicable to all movements you want to improve on.

  • CrossFit Atlanta

    The warmup we have on the board is an adaptation of what is called the CrossFit Warmup, and is taken from an early CrossFit Journal article entitled, “A Better Warmup.” Worth reading. It suggested 3 rounds instead of 2. We’ve subbed a row/run option for one round, and added squat stretch and shoulder stretch and handstand.
    The article also suggested that 3 round of the CFWU was a good workout for beginners, and that they should strive to get through it faster and faster.
    I think once you’ve got past the beginner stage, to where you can do a couple of rounds of 10 reps of each of the movements, then it is time to change your warmup to focus on weakness and getting ready to workout. Also, you can ramp up the warmup. E.g. instead of 10 pull ups and 10 ring dips, do 10 muscle ups. Instead of 10 overhead squats with a stick, work up to one set of 15 or 20 with an empty bar. Instead of 2 sets of 10 abmat situps, do one set of 15-20 GHD situps. If you suck at something, such as handstand pushups, do them in the warmup.

  • VAS

    In that picture I recognize Nicole, Adrian, Jolie, Funky Cold, Josh Everett, Mike G, Freddy Camacho, Greg Amundson, Patt Barber, Speal, and Chuck. Who did I miss?

  • Rob M

    Indeed, this is what I have done. I stuck with the normal warmup for awhile, but eventually I adapted it to doing one round of 20 of each movement. Every once in a while I’ll bump it to one round of 30 of each movement, or 40 (on light days of course). In addition to this, I usually do some warm up movements from the WOD, or things I know I need work on.
    My warmups end up taking awhile, and sometimes I need to rest a little before the actual WOD, but I think it has helped.

  • Heidi_CFATL

    Pat Sherwood is in the back..Bobbi’s up front, but can’t remember her last name. Justin Bergh is the tall guy in the top right of the pic. He was in charge of all the scoring at the Dirty South.

  • Rob M

    Did JT today. 14:31 as Rx’d. I think that’s my first time finishing the workout, so I’ll take it. Definitely still need to work on my HSPUs some more.

  • Steve

    Thrusters: 55kg, 60, 65, 60, 60, 60, 60
    Thanks for all the responses on warm-ups, a lot of food for thought there.

  • kba_cfatl

    15kg, 20, 25, 35, 40, 43, 45(f), 44(f but close), 35
    PR by 13 lbs I think

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