Thursday, May 31, 2012

Workout of the Day

Before Class or In Warm up:
10 muscle up turn over drills on low rings with weight on feet
3×2 partner assisted muscle ups

15 minutes to establish a heavy power snatch

4 rounds  (8 min AMRAP time limit) of:
5 muscle ups (sub jumping MU or band assist as in this video: "Paoli's Muscle-Up Progression: Part 1")
15 box jumps 30”

-rest 5 mins

Tabata row 8 intervals (4 mins of 20 sec max row/ 10 sec rest)

Remember, we are closed this weeked.

The New York Times discovers the value of interval training, only 16 years after Dr. Izumi Tabata published his famous study comparing high intensity intermmitent training to sustained moderate intensity training.

Yesterday the question came up as to whether it was OK to do pull-ups while pregnant.  Here's the answer from Annie Sakamoto several years ago: Pull-ups, pregnant [wmv].  
Preggers smoothie on today: "Hey, Smoothie!" by E.M. Burton, CrossFit Journal article [pdf] and video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

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  • VAS

    >>10 muscle up turn over drills on low rings with weight on feet
    Explanation – turn over drills on low rings
    Break these 10 reps up as you see fit depending on your ability and group size. Even if you cannot do a dip, you can practice this progression.
    The point here is to develop the proper turn over required in a muscle up. Set the rings up so they are approximately at your hips or love handles. Place your toes exactly in line with the rings. Grab the rings, squat down on your toes as your hands go into a false grip. Aim your elbows forward. Use your legs to support all of your weight as you “pull up” your chest to your hands. Elbows should aim forward and down at this point, your hands should be lower than your shoulders, and your body should be leaning back. With all your weght supported by your legs rotate your elbows past your ribs as you stick your head through the rings. You elbows should now point up. You should be in the bottom of a very low dip, stretching your chest and shoulders. Stay in this position for 3 seconds. Play with your weight – take some weight off your legs and support it with your hands instead. If you feel yourself falling bak when you do this, it means you are not turned over enough – stick your head further forward. Jump up to a momentary straight arm support, come down, repeat.
    >>3×2 partner assisted muscle ups
    Explanation – partner assisted muscle ups
    If you cannot do band-assisted dips on the rings yet, do not do these. Instead perform 3×5 dips on gravitron, p-bars, or low rings.
    Grab a false grip on the high rings, with your elbows bent and pointing forward. Bend your knees and ask your partner to hold your ankles. Use assistance from your legs as you perform a muscle up. Do not fly pass the transition. Focus on it instead, the same as you did on the low rings. Make sure to pull up high with a slight back lean and turn over into a very low dip position before pressing all the way up.
    Once at the top, perform a muscle up negative. Lower into the very bottom of your dip. Squeeze your elbows into your sides. Also squeeze your stomach. Rotate your elbows down and in front of you as your hands transition into a false grip. Fight to end up in a false grip at the very top of a pull up. You partner will assist you throughout this entire movement, so use your legs to take the load off your hands during this part. Keeping your elbows forward, lower down part way and repeat for a second assisted muscle up and negative without coming off the rings.

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