Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011-11-075194Hector at the finish of a split jerk.  What's wrong with this position?

Workout of the Day

Seven rounds of:
35 Double-unders
1 Snatch

Make one snatch attempt per round.

Rebecca Voigt 8:00/875lbs, Kristan Clever 9:50/444lbs.
Post time and total of all successful snatches to comments. Do not count missed reps.

Help support Back On My Feet, tomorrow 11/11/11

Kyle Maynard, of No Excuses CrossFit, in the news.  For those of you who don't know Kyle, he was born with congenital amputation of both arms at the elbow, and both legs at the knee.  He is preparing to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Take inspiration from Kyle, and quit making excuses in your life.

Unconquerable Dave, an inspirational story of a man transformed by proper diet and exercise.


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  • Giselle Bell

    If this is the finish then he needs to be standing. But maybe he stood in the next frame?? Dunno…

  • MsDanyal

    I agree with Giselle .. his feet should be together if this is “THE FINISH”. otherwise as Damon would say .. Put some weight on that bar

  • Pablo Vega

    I think what Dan is talking about is over-extension and the weight being slightly forward. His lumbar is not in a good position, spine is not stacked bone-on-bone in a neutral position. Also, it’s a bit hard to tell from this angle, but the bar seems to be a bit forward. If this were a max attempt, there’s a chance he wouldn’t be able to recover. My $0.01 (economy doesn’t let me give 2)

  • Steve

    To add to Pablo’s commentary, I think Hector is late in pushing his head through the plane of his shoulders, he still has his neck cocked back to let the bar clear his face and the shoulders look a little rotated forward (elbow pits are facing in instead of forward). I’m also seeing the bar a bit forward. With head through, I think that would help bring the spine into a more neutral position, square up the shoulders, and get the bar over the center of gravity.

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