Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011-11-145331Snatch Madness

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Get Ready For Ski Season, Outside Magazine.

Remember, we are closed this weekend while hosting a CrossFit Endurance course.  The 6 PM Sunday class will go on as usual, but all other weekend classes are cancelled.  So, you might as well join the party and register for the 5K race.

Engineering made simple:


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  • Bethanie

    My Popop used to give any man that married into our family a can of WD40 and a roll of duck tape as their wedding present. He would write ‘recipe for a happy marriage’ and include that flow chart.

  • Leah P

    For anyone that’s been asking, here is the actual wholesale product our hoodie will be printed on (in heather gray):
    Reminder, again, that the deadline to order and pay is Wed, 11/23!

  • Andy L

    I didn’t realize you were also from Alabama? My PopPop did the same thing. Although, we call it Alabama chrome, not duct tape.

  • MsDanyal

    I love this ..My dad DUCT taped everything!!!!! our swimming pool , car bumpers, and one time my gas pump on my chevy … yes the mechanic freaked when he popped the hood .. LOL.. I still believe that duct tape and WD40 can fix everything

  • Giselle Bell

    That is HILARIOUS

  • Bethanie

    haha thanks for so politely pointing out my error…Lucy decided to revert back to waking every 3 hours and this mom is a zombie.

  • Bethanie

    LADIES: Our women only class will be taking the next three weeks off. This Sunday, come participate in the Fundraiser for Old Athletes. Sunday, November 27 and Dec. 4th feel free to join the 6pm group! We will start back up at 5pm on Dec. 11!

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