Thursday, November 4, 2010

CF ATL 1763 (2)

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'Fat Head' producer Tom Naughton on how the misguided fear of saturated fat created a nation of obese diabetics.  Part 1


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  • Dave Hodges

    Yep, that’s a great video. Even the HQ website still tells you to avoid saturated fat:
    It’s like nobody was paying attention to Gary Taubes’ research when when his book was being so heavily promoted. Everybody loves to jump on the low-fat bandwagon. Maybe I should switch to “lean protein” to fit in.

  • MoMo

    Anyone out there want to sell me two numbers for the Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp 5k this weekend? Jeff and I would like to run it, so please let me know if you’re selling your spot, or if you know of someone else who is.

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