Thursday, September 16, 2010

CF ATL 1534 Team 6 AM getting after "Filthy Fifty". 

Workout of the Day


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Aside from curing hangovers, many ancient wise men knew that exercise was good for the mind, that a sound mind and a sound body were inextricably linked:

is remarkable how ones wits are sharpened by physical
exercise."- Pliny the Younger

is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps
the mind in vigor."- Cicero

can do nothing without the body, let us always take
care that it is in the best condition to sustain us."– Socrates

Now researchers prove it to be true. Can Exercize Make You Smarter?  The kids in that study ran on a treadmill, the most boring exercise that can be imagined.  How much more brain stimulus would they have gotten if their exercise had been a game, especially a ball game?

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  • Bethanie

    Hi paleo-ers!!!
    As most of you know, part of the paleo challenge is your participation in our “paleo events”. here are the next couple for you to mark your calendar for:
    1. Friday Sep. 17 at 7am at the gym: paleo breakfast (also celebrating Brent’s bday). Bring bacon/sausage.
    2. Saturday Sep. 25: FGB 5- raise at least $50: see details at our link on the right hand side of our web page under “upcoming events- Fight Gone Bad 5”
    We will be closed that day so EVERYONE should head up there!
    Raise what you can, $50 is a reasonable goal and if you raise that much lululemon buckhead will give you 15% off a top or shorts in our “team color”!
    3. Paleo night at Urban Pl8 on Sep 30 at 7:30. Please RSVP to ME via email: [email protected] so that I may reserve a large enough table.
    my 5pm has consistently been overbooked. Starting Monday, I’m going to force arrival numbers 13 and above to wait until 6pm. Sign up in advance!!!

  • MsDanyaL

    CAPTAIN CROSSFIT !! on the homepage!!! YAY!
    Bethanie I am out of town on the 25th so I cannot do the FGB 5 and I donated to LEAH P already .. is that okay ? I mean I have to go to the EMMYS.. so it’s not like I am just making up an excuse .

  • VAS

    If I were a kid, I would rather play with balls than run on a treadmill.

  • Dave Hodges

    Hey, can you send me an email?
    [email protected]

  • Ryan Tyler

    i think we should change my name to captain got his ass WHOOPED by Fran! not as catchy, but i think appropriate. you people are masochists

  • MsDanyaL

    you loved every minute of it Captain !!! you killed Fran today .

  • Ryan Tyler

    katherine and I look like we’re being tortured. Dustin looks like hes meditating.

  • MsDanyaL

    PSST I think Dustin is a robot …LOL

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