Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012-09-177679"I want to pump you up."

Closed this weekend for a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course

Workout of the Day

Before Class or In Warm up:
10 p-bar swings: body straight, butt tight, chest open
10 bottom-of-dip swings on p-bars (Rx) or 20 s hold in bottom of dip on p-bars (scaled)
Burgener Warm-up 2 sets from High Hang, 2 sets from Low Hang

Read: Scoop and Second Pull, by Greg Glassman

Low Hang Squat snatch EMOM for 10 minutes, gradually increase weight throughout, emphasis is on proper execution of scoop, a/k/a double knee bend, see above (High Hang if not able to execute Low Hang correctly)

21 Low Hang Power Snatch (95/65) (High Hang if not executing Low Hang correctly)
400 m run
15 Low Hang Power Snatch
400 m run
9 Low Hang Power Snatch

CrossFit At Work, the story of a manufacturing company that introduced CrossFit as their corporate wellness program. 


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