Thursday, September 23, 2010

CF ATL 1563
Caption This

Workout of the Day

Three rounds, 9-6-and 3 reps, for time of:
165 pound barbell Thrusters

For those of you who have noticed that we are one week behind and that today should be Rest Day/Trainers Choice, tomorrow with be Trainer's Choice: Team Workouts

Remember, we are closed Sat.  Everyone is participating in FGB5 at the Marine Reserve Base.  Start time is 9 AM, and will run until mid afternoon. If you want to carpool, meet at Crossfit Atlanta at 10:30am.

What is our natural sleep cycle?

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  • Dave Hodges

    It looks like she’s trying to enforce the rule about the maximum number of people in her class.

  • Leah P

    ostrich 🙂

  • MoMo

    This picture made my day.

  • Chris

    She’s trying to hide whatever Mike K’s doing from the camera. “Nothing to see here, folks”

  • Richard Zapata

    Its the new burpee. The flurpee.

  • rhjones5

    Good news, Obama did it!
    I don’t know much about politics. Can someone fill me in on how we got out of this? Was it our new president?

  • MsDanyal

    B) Who the hell is Dave and why is never at the gym?
    C)Politics and religion should never be discussed among friends
    D) copying and pasting long ass articles to this blog should be punishable .. as in 50 Burpees for every paragraph
    oh and here’s some Paleo Proof for Capt. Crossfit .
    Week 3 of Paleo challenge I just did a 10KG PR this morning on those thrusters…

  • Ryan Tyler

    I ate chili cheese cornchips yesterday and pr’ed on dead lift today. Proof that my new diet works. Can I publish now or do I have to contact lays?

  • MsDanyal

    don’t make me kick your ass Ryan ! 🙂

  • Bethanie

    Hahahaha, the camera just missed me in air. Regardless, I’d say I have pretty good timing. It must be my agility!!
    In other news, I’m really fired up right now, as you should be too!!
    A few facts:
    1. Crossfit Atlanta is the oldest gym in Atlanta.
    2. Our owner, Dan MacDougald, is known in the Atlanta Crossfit community as “The GodFather” because he, well, is the God Father of Crossfit in Atlanta.
    3. Dan had done endless things for the crossfit community, some of which include help most of the other affiliates in the Atlanta area become what they are today.
    4. Next month is Crossfit Atlanta’s 5 year anniversary.
    5. The first thing we did when we moved to our current location is throw a Halloween party (Halloween 2008).
    What am I getting at? Save the date for Friday, Oct 29 when we will celebrate all of the above with a Halloween blowout at the gym.
    I will need help planning this one so if you want to help or have ideas, please contact me. Otherwise, start talking it up and start thinking of your costume!

  • Bethanie

    Also, our massage therapist is going to work on me at 2pm today. Anyone want to book him for 3pm?

  • Dave Hodges

    B) I’m a CrossFitter like you. I can only afford to come into the gym a few times a year. Dan and Mike trained me for a month when I first started and showed me the foundations of CrossFit. I come back when the WOD looks like a good one that I can’t do on my own with my own equipment.
    C) Dan posts the most stuff to do with politics and religion.
    D) Nobody has ever copied and pasted a long-ass article to this blog.

  • Andrew bayles

    Anyone up for a 4 p.m. Fran tomorrow?

  • Steve

    ^^^ best answer. She is waving off the unlucky 13th person to walk in the door for the 5pm class.

  • Andy L

    3things you don’t discuss at a party. War, politics and religion. We broke that rule a long time ago.

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