Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CrossFit ATL 4598 The Trail of Tears

Workout of the Day

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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  • peterbassi

    Who do I send my testimonial to?

  • Bethanie


  • mike k

    hey guys, anyone interested, Dan A, Adrian, and Kulsoom will be coming in Friday at 11 to work on pose running mechanics. we will do some drills, some short light sprints to work form, and possibly crack a beer afterward. All are welcome to come and get some work in. per Adrian’s request, we will spend 15-20 min working handstands as well. noon class is still on as usual, this is just a chance for some extra work. hope others can make it

  • Andy L

    I’m interested. 11 may be tricky, but I’ll try. Friday is a rest day, but I need work on both handstands and POSE.

  • Jason Bourgeois

    To anyone I haven’t told already,
    My lifting classes this Friday are canceled as Travis and I are heading up to Michigan for Collegiate National Championships.
    Classes will resume on Monday.

  • Adam Springer

    so, I did the Body Fat test today AND….it turns out I have the same body composition as a twinkie 🙂 Guess I got some work to do over the summer.

  • Richard B.

    I am definitely interested. I will try my best to be there at 11 am. Looking forward to learning about POSE and definitely need to work on handstands. See you then.

  • mike k

    hope you can make it, but if not well figure out another time to get some work in. id like to start doing more of this sort ofthing if people are interested

  • mike k

    great! well try and get the camcorder out so people can see themselves run

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