Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Panda & Lachie

Workout of the Day

Thruster 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

Go heavy or go home to mama!

Reseach confirms that drinking gives same benefits as Yoga!

Running Clinic starts tomorrow

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  • Ryan Tyler

    lachlan looks like he needs some prune juice.

  • Bethanie

    Hi from CA!
    1. Complimentary yoga is back this wed. at 7pm
    2. Next paleo challenge set to start April 18. Thanks to Leah P., Rich Z, and Brent for helping. We are working on getting a printout with all the necessary details. For now, just make sure that you have you bodyfat tested before the start date. IF YOU DID THE TRUCK WHEN IT CAME A FEW WEEKS AGO, YOU ARE SET (as long as you have the printout Bali gave you). IF you still need to do it, you can go to one of the other locations Bali will be at over the next week: http://www.bodyfattest.com/calendar/index.php?calendar_id=9
    OR, you can use the Bod Pod. Just know that whatever device you use for your before, you must use for your “after”

  • MsDanyal

    Yeah love the” Yoga article “.. Namaste Biotches !Who needs a mat when you’ve got tequila .

  • Bethanie

    Scratch that, challenge will begin May 1st to allow Bali to come to gym before then.

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