Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CrossFit ATL 3772
Workout of the Day

Wall Ball Ladder

One wall ball shot in the 1st minute, 2 in the second minute, 3 in the third minute and so on as many minutes as you can keep going.  20 lbs for men, 14 for women.

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  • VAS

    Has anyone tried the wallball ladder? What’s it like?


    I did not. A few of the morning people did. Seems to be just like the pull up ladder. Things are going good and then all of a sudden they take a quick turn for the worse.
    Detrick got 20 rounds.

  • Amber Thompson

    ok, just want to say, i hate diets! i know i sound like im whinning, but with all the exercise i get, i wish diet wasnt such a big factor…but thats just not the reality of it…

  • Margaret

    Go D-Unit!!
    Happy for a rest day. Sprints last night were brutal, and not my best. Wallballs make we want to punch the wall, or the person next to me, or Ian.

  • Stephanie E

    Conversation I just had with a bike shop in Tifton:
    “Is this South GA Cycle Works?”
    “Do you guys do group rides?”
    …”Ok well I’m in town for a few days and I was wondering where a good place to ride would be.”
    “I dunno where do you wanna go?”
    “Uh, well I’m off Exit 62, just looking for good roads to ride on.”
    “K well we’re about to go fishin if you.”
    i am SO confused

  • Steve

    I just googled them — I’m pretty sure that you called a motorcycle shop, not a bicycle shop. Try:
    344 S Main St
    Tifton, GA

  • Stephanie E

    Steve- Thanks for the tip! I called them and got an operator though. Oh well!

  • Erin

    Hey guys.. in response to Amber’s comment.. I found this on CNN today.. yay for Kelly Clarkson doing Crossfit, I’m not a huge fan but it was nice to see it in the news..

  • VAS

    Tabata something else, CTB
    74 – 89 – 102 – 160 = 425 PR

  • kba_cfatl

    15# WB ladder
    11 rounds + 11

  • Outlaw

    To all of the pose runners out there, here’s a dissenting opinion to your techniques. I don’t necessarily endorse this article nor do I take any definitive stance on pose running (pun intended).

  • Steve

    Thanks for posting that, Outlaw — an interesting read.
    Here is the “too long; didn’t read” summary for everyone: no one can agree on the best running stride.
    The article quoted different experts who said, “heel strike”, “midfoot”, “it depends how fast you are running”, and “there is no right way or wrong way; you can’t change your natural stride anyway.”
    The article then closes by noting that the optimal cadence for cyclists is 60-80 RPMs — in a study done with untrained volunteers in a lab on stationary bikes. The author then drags out one more expert who says that because Lance Armstrong rides at cadences of 95 RPM – 110 RPM is a data point of one that is skewing all of the *other* experts to give bad advice. (Aside: there have been numerous studies on the cadence of pro cyclists over the years. They all average about 90 RPMs).

  • Jeff

    Did 360 last time with bad pull ups and push ups, so I’ll take it. Also got a strict muscle up afterward. Not a bad day.

  • CrossFit Atlanta

    Outlaw, Steve is correct, there is a lot of debate about running technique, but this ain’t multiculturalism, and everyone with a viewpoint, however stupid, cannot be right. The quickest answer to anyone who claims that running with heel strike is “natural” is to have them go barefoot and try to run with a heel strike without their expensive shoes.
    I think the doctor is a paid agent of the shoe company/orthopedist industrial complex.

  • Outlaw

    Indeed. My only reason for posting it was to provide food for fodder.
    However, I’m a firm believer in the idea that in order to truly endorse any side of a debate, one must be empathetic. Yet being empathetic need not invoke sympathy, as you have rightfully pointed out that not all viewpoints are correct.

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