Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CrossFit ATL 0804 Jim meditates

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"Samson slew the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass.  The modern politician, using the selfsame weapon, gets elected to public office."–William Cowper Brann

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  • MoMo

    Hey Guys! Don’t forget that this Friday the 13th is Whit-Whit’s going away party at my house. I am going to run by the gym at lunch today and create a make-shift sign up chart on the white-board for folks to bring food. I am thinking the party will run from around 7-10, and the address for the gate into my complex is 1335 Marietta Blvd, 30318. You may email me directly if you would like more specific directions: [email protected]
    In other news, I really do miss you guys and miss coming to the gym regularly. I am thinking I will do my next workout Thursday. I have been training hard for a triathlon on September 5th, and it has meant lots of time in the poool and on the road. After I get my first one under my belt, I should be able to use the Crossfit Endurance site to train…but right now, I need mileage. Also, just want to encourage everyone to apply what Crossfit has given you to sport. Your trainers will encourage this as well. I couldn’t run past a mile when I walked into the old gym, and now folks are suggesting that I consider olympic lengths and perhaps a 1/2 Ironman. Clearly, I am built for endurance, but I wouldn’t have even made it off the ground if it were not for the strength and power I gained from Crossfit.

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