Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hannah getting after Fran at her level 1

Workout of the Day


10 rounds for time of:
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
95 pound Back squat, 29 reps
135 pound barbells Farmer carry, 10 meters

Begin the rope climbs seated on the floor.

This Saturday, December 11 the Crossfit Sports Series comes to Atlanta.  Come out with the whole family!! We are looking to borrow someone's flat screen tv to play Crossfit videos on at the event…if you have one you are willing to lend please let us know.

Paleo night at Urban PL8 this month is on Dec. 16.  Sign up on the front desk to sit at our table.

Time to reflect on your last year of fitness and look forward to the new year.  If you set goals on our goals blog last year post where you're at with them.  If not, start thinking of your 2011 fitness goals to post on the goals blog for next year (will be up soon).

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  • Ayeong

    Why do I keep missing all the fun WODs!!!! See you all tomorrow morning … it was great reading some of your 2011 goals. Now, I need to set some realistic goals — basically improve in all O-lift skills and run faster.

  • Ryan Tyler

    i have a flat screen that is smallish, oldish and not that flat. let me know

  • MsDanyal

    way to kill it this morning Captain ! Glad I stayed to watch your finish – STANDING UP !!!

  • Ryan Tyler

    thanks D! that sucked

  • Steve

    My goals for 2010 were to do Grace Rx (30 C-and-Js @ 135#), Elizabeth Rx (21-15-9 of 135# squat cleans and ring dips), and Diane Rx (21-15-9 of 225# dead lifts and handstand push-ups). At the beginning of the year, I was about 20kg light on the DLs, 10kg light on the cleans, and couldn’t do a HSPU Rx. I spent most of the year lifting twice a week with Jason/Travis/Jake, and I ended up doing Diane in September, Grace in October, and Elizabeth in November (though the times were pretty slow!).
    For me, the big news wasn’t achieving the three goal workouts Rx, but what happened with all of the other benchmark WODs, especially the ones that involved bodyweight movements. I got PRs almost every week in 2010. I am a lifetime runner and ran fewer miles this year than any time since 2000, but my 10K PR went from 51:53 in 2009 to 48:43 this year. “Barbara” went from 26:32 to 22:00. “Cindy” from 18.0 rounds to 21.5 rounds. “Erin” from 30:56 to 18:45. “Filthy Fifty” from 35:56 to 27:00. “Kelly” from 43:11 to 33:28. “Murph” from 53:53 to 38:35.
    I started crossfitting in April of 2008, so it isn’t like this is the novice effect at work. Besides the weightlifting, I think the biggest changes I made were to start eating paleo (or paleoish) in February, stretching/rolling consistently, and to take two rest days a week (I followed a weekly 2-on, 1-off/3-on, 1-off schedule all year). So nothing exotic here: follow the main site WODs and listen to the trainers and the gains will follow.
    A couple of things I would do differently in 2011: the goals were good last year, but I didn’t have a baseline. This time I will try to pick a couple of representative workouts to baseline my overall fitness at the beginning of 2011 and then again at the end. Also, my three 2010 goals were too closely related (all involved lifting a barbell that was heavy for me) — once I could do one, the other two were doable as well. For 2011 I think I am going to throw in some challenging skill stuff. Like doing a Turkish get-up with the 100 # kettlebell. Or a freestanding handstand. Or holding an L-sit for 45 seconds.

  • Ryan Tyler

    that is solid, solid work. congratulations. i remember doing cindy with you and being blown away.

  • Leah P

    Hi guys!
    2 things:
    1. is anyone going to the CF Sports Series thing on Satuday? I’m at the gym 9-11 (or more likely noon) but am considering going afterwards.
    2. my goals update:
    2010 goals:
    1. muscle up(s) – Got my first one at the end of April (just in time for regionals). Since then, I’ve been able to complete a workout(maybe workouts) with 30, and up until nasty girls last week, was consistently hitting them. Workouts with MUs are still not fast for me, but I’m happy I can even do them and that I’m getting better at stringing them together as well as not having to rest quite so long in between. Still a major focus for me in terms of improvement, but I’ll get there.
    2. Elizabeth as rx’d (i.e. get better at ring dips) – I did this for the first time as Rx back in March in 10:57. Don’t think I’ve done it since then, but I think this was a goal achieved. I’d like to try again, as I think I can improve my time, but the 2010 goal is checked off the list.
    3. BW OHS (this was 105#, but I OH squatted 100# earlier this week… so decided to up it) – my current 1RM OHS is 60kg, I think. 68k would be about BW for me. So, maybe I’ll give this a go before YE. Overall, though, I’m happy with my progress on this movement. A year ago I couldn’t do Nancy (65# OHS) rx and now 95# in a wod is not something I fear.
    4. go to the games… individually (I’ll give it a shot) or as part of the CFATL team – I think we all know how this one played out, and I’d rather not talk about it for fear the waterworks start again 🙂 Ha. Kidding… well, sorta.
    Seriously though, going to the Games as part of our team and getting to represent our freakin awesome gym ranks up there with one of the coolest things I’ve EVER done!!! Hopefully, I’ll get to do it again this year!
    5. get comfortable with o-lifts – I’ve worked a lot on these movements over the past year, and I still wouldn’t say I’m “comfortable” with them. However, I’ve seen a lot of progress in terms of overall strength and technique, all thanks to our oly coaches!!! Something to keep working on though… probably forever.

  • Ryan Tyler

    way to go leah! i’m going to the rock climbing thing after i do “the other total” at the gym.

  • MsDanyal

    Leah can I be you? or maybe half you and half Bethanie ? LOL in all honesty – you two – and all the lovely ladies of CFATL – ROCK IT EVERY FRIGGIN DAY ! It’s awesome , amazing and inspiring ! I feel honored to be in the company of such an outstanding group of strong women- and as a whole( Guys and gals included ) CFATL is da BOMB!

  • MsDanyal

    Hey Capt- Can you tell u where you store the duracells? I think we need to stop you before you hurt yourself

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