Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011-02-093181 (2) Blaine's chakras are not aligned.

Workout of the Day


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Parallette handstand push-ups
10 Toes through rings
20 pound Medicine ball cleans, 15 reps


Enlarge image

Narcotics Detective and Special Assignment Unit Operator Carlos Ledesma, 34, of the Chandler Police Department, Chandler, Arizona, was shot and killed by drug dealers on July 28, 2010, during an undercover operation in Phoenix, Arizona. He is survived by his wife Sherry and sons Luciano and Elijo.

Check out the Gymnastics WOD website.  This week, the warm-up should include hollow rocks.  Here's the progression: Hollow Body Progression part 1, part 2

Jake cleans 140 kg (thats 308 lbs), a PR.

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  • Dave Hodges

    Awesome clean.

  • Andy L

    For all you Journal subscribers out there if you’ve not watched Andrew Bernstein’s Stress series, I highly recommend it. And do the worksheets along with them.

  • MsDanyal

    Good stuff Andy!! hey there a couple of great books by Pema Chodoron to check out too. she’s a buddhist but her principles apply no matter what your religious beliefs . Very similar to the process in these lectures .

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