Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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CrossFit Atlanta 1984
Chuck Carswell instructs while Jenni Orr demonstrates the setup for a Med Ball Clean.  It is the same as for the Deadlift.

Workout of the Day

For time:
Power clean 15 reps (155# is Rx for men)
30 Ring dips
 Power clean 12 reps
24 Ring dips
Power clean 9 reps
18 Ring dips
 Power clean 6 reps
12 Ring dips
Power clean 3 reps
6 Ring dips

Post time to comments.

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  • Ryan Cook

    I thought I did yesterday’s WOD RX but found out that a rep counted as over and back so i guess i only did half of it. It was still deceiving workout, I was torched afterwards. Don’t know what my time was since I didn’t have a watch….. then ran a mile. One of the LA Fitness trainers walked past me and asked me if I was doing Crossfit, I told him I was, he shook his head and said “That stuff will leave you sore for days” and walked away. Kinda funny

  • Margaret

    Ryan, I have had a similar experience at the gym in my building. I used to be there every day, and now I only go when I am too sore to crossfit and need an easy ride on the Spinning bike. One of the trainers asked where I had been and when I told him Crossfit, he just looked at me, shook his head and said, “That’s extreme, man. That’s extreme.”
    Excited to do the WOD today.

  • Steve

    Virtual shoveling definitely sucks, er, has some technique involved. I was having a hard time keeping my back straight/shoulders back and dropped down to 15kg mid-way.
    Margaret, one of my co-workers was curious about Crossfit, but I think I was a little too enthusiastic. She now asks me if I’m going after work to worship at the Church of Crossfit after tells me that when I talk about it I have a little gleam in my eye and say things like, “Do you have Crossfit in your life?”
    Off topic: Dan, will the gym be closed this Saturday for the nutrition cert?

  • Margaret

    Steve, I know exactly what your talking about. Dan and I have had the conversation several times about how Crossfit is like a cult, except that they let you leave. My friends have been on the verge of staging an intervention since June, when I started Crossfit. I have battle wounds that include rope burn and torn hands at any given moment, and I play flag football. I proudly display said wounds for anyone that wants to see, and I am not exactly a tomboy, so all of this is a huge departure for me. On top of that, I have gone from a vegetarian diet to a meat-eating, high protein, high fat, low carb diet. But, one thing they can’t argue with are the results. I am faster, stronger and much, much tougher than I was before. Crossfit took 3 minutes off my 5k time, and I’ll say it again—it changed my mind about whether Keira Knightley’s pencil arms are cute…they aren’t.

  • VAS

    Wow, virtual shovelling was a really good workout. Feels like I used parts that never get used usually. Maybe it’s the name that turns people off. Would it make the whiners (and all you trainers that wussied out of shovelling) feel better if it was called “swinging your heavy stick using the hips?”

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