Tuesday, July 16, 2013


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Workout of the Day

Gymnastics Skill:
Level 1. Tripod progressions:

Level 2. Kipping HSPU development:

Perform 5 sets of the following complex without dropping the barbell, increasing weight throughout.

1 power clean
1 push press
1 push jerk


At Start (Formulx team wearing 60/40 lb weighted vest)
3 rounds
2×40 yard farmers carry (100ish/70)
15 large tire flips

At 6 minutes (Formulx team wearing titin weighted vest)
3 rounds
10 Burpee-pullups
10 KB Snatch (70/55)

3 Rounds
2×40 yard farmers carry (70/55) or (55/35)
15 tire flips (size dictated by personal preference and availability)

At 6 minutes
3 rounds
10 Burpee Pull-ups or Burpee Jumping Pull-up
7 HSPU or 10 Band Assisted HSPU or 10 Knee Pike HSPU
10 KB Snatch (55/35) or (35/25)

Can't attend the Games in person?  Not to worry, here's the info on watching live on the web and on TV

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