Tuesday June 1, 2010

CrossFit ATL 2010-05-3005000
CrossFit ATL 2010-05-3005001 Jonathan & Brandon at the end of the Team Row competition.


Workout of the Day


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

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The Team 5K row competition was, for us, the most dramatic event of the weekend.  The heats on Sunday were seeded by standings, so the top 8 teams were in the last heat, teams 9-16 in the next to last heat.  In the 9-16 group CrossFit Decatur, with their Olympic swimmer pulling 5 separate 500m intervals, put up the fastest time of the day, 16:17, and it held up against all comers in the final heat, in which all 8 teams went under 17 minutes.  Our drama was in the final heat in our race against rivals CrossFit North Atlanta, who jumped to an early lead that built up to almost 100m by the middle of the race.  But our boys, Jonathan and Brandon, were only holding fire.  After the 2000m mark each split went faster than the one before.  CF ATL began to close the gap, and with all the other teams closing on the finish the screaming and noise in the area was deafening.  There was no way to know who was ahead of who at the end, but CF ATL nosed North Atlanta at the death by fraction of a second.  Everyone spilled their guts for one another, which leads to another Lombardi quote:

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.

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  • MikeG_CFATL

    Congratulations to our CFATL team! They kicked ass out there with a team of 5…amazing! The 5k row was my favorite event to watch. Bethanie, Leah, Brandon, and Jonathan rowed their heart out. I had chill bumps the whole time. Jonathan’s last row was the most dramatic event of the weekend. Nobody knew where we stood and where everyone else was at. He was rowing as hard as he could, blind. We ended us beating North Atlanta by .4 seconds…crazy! That shit fired me up.
    I want to thank all my fellow CFATL competitors, our frineds that came to cheer us on, and our friends back home cheering us on. You all helped me get through regionals. You kept my spirits high and allowed me to keep pushing.
    At the end of the last event, I had no idea where I stood. I wasn’t sure if I finished with a low enough time to hold on to a qualifying spot. All I knew was that I gave it everything I had. Sunday was one of the hardest days of my life.
    Ken and Leah, I don’t know what to say. I’m not good at these things. You both are amazing athletes and there no one that I would rather be going to Cali with than you two. Leah, watching compete kept me motivated. You are so strong…mentally and physically. You are going to destroy everyone next year. I guarantee it.
    Ken, I’m glad I got to workout beside you in every workout. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m not going to get too sappy on here, but I think you know how much you have helped me out in my training. Thanks brother!
    Jason B, I think it is pretty obvious how much you have helped me. I don’t know how many people came up to me asking how I developed my clean so quickly. That is all you, dude. Thanks!
    Dan, you are the GodFather. Thanks for always being here for us and making CFATL what it is today. You are the man!
    Bethanie, you know I couldn’t do this without you. I think you have finally figured out how to deal with me during competition. You were always there when I needed you and you knew when to just let me sit there by myself. I heard your screaming voice in every workout.
    CrossFit has become my life…my job, my hobby, my sport, my friends. That is just the way things turned out. I don’t have much else, so you guys have no idea how much this means to me. Thanks!

  • Bethanie

    Dan, thank you for all the thoughtful words on the blog. Every time we have these weekends it is a reminder of why I do what I do with all of you. It was an incredible weekend that words really cannot describe.
    Some of the many highlights for me:
    Brandon stepping up to the plate when the time called…without a doubt or question.
    Brandon and Jonathan PRing on their ground to overhead on Friday.
    Ken’s PR on his squat clean.
    Ken moving through the amrap like a well-oiled machine that never tires.
    Leah P owning the kettle bell snatch…holy shit that was awesome…
    Mike finishing the the muscle up couplet and having more energy than he started with…jumping around and yelling! haha!!
    Our team owning the tire flip workout..we were the first heat so we had to set the standard. We were first in our heat and our time held up to get 2nd overall on that event. My girl Leahtard and I worked it out on the burpees but the guys saved our asses by helping with the last 40…then the 4 of us flipped the tires the 50 yards back without a break.
    Dinner with way too many people at longhorn without sweet potatoes (which was our sole reason for going there)
    The team row where Brandon and Jonathan gave everything they had…no, but really.
    Seeing Whitney bust it out on the final team workout…she saved us!
    Ken your training and dedication to each workout you do is by far the most impressive thing I have ever witnessed. Be proud of how competitive of an athlete you are.
    Experiencing the true champion that our very own Leah P is in the way she gracefully handled the disappointing result on Sunday. To me, that sets her far above the rest. You kicked ass this weekend, Leah and admire how you left it all out there. What a fricken fight!!! xoxo
    Finally, my favorite moment:
    The last individual workout was gruesome and really tested who could keep themselves moving after tearing their body apart for 2 long days. Mike wasn’t moving fast by any means, and none of us were sure if his performance was enough to keep him in the top 4. He was leaning on me and I said “it’s okay” (meaning “go ahead and lean on me”)…he thought I was offering a condolence to his performance and replied: “no, it doesn’t matter…I gave it everything out there”. At that point he genuinely did not care if he did it or not because he gave everything and that was satisfying enough. Anyway, I learned so much from you in that moment…so, thank you for that.
    Oh, and I had the most bad ass team there ever was!!
    Let’s go to cali!!

  • Bethanie

    apparently we were writing our posts at the same time cuz I just saw this after posting mine. I am so damn proud of you!!!

  • MoMo

    Okay, so this is the second morning in a row that I have cried reading our blog. I will try to be as brief as possible.
    There were many great moments this weekend, and yet I find myself with a case of seriously mixed emotions. I am so happy for those that had victories and so disappointed for those that didn’t achieve all of their goals. My favorite moments of the weekend came when I witnessed the connections among friends, and the ways in which we experienced the highs and lows together, on behalf of one another. There were moments when I stepped outside of myself and all I cared about was what that athlete was thinking, feeling and DOING. The effort was truly inspiring. That will be a lesson to the young ones for a long time to come.
    Leah P and Kenny G, there’s only one word to describe what you both displayed this weekend: GRACE. You are both two of the most amazing athletes I have ever met, and I believe I’ve made it abundantly clear how I feel about you as people 😉 The class and determination and mental toughness you displayed this weekend was without parallel. Let’s not forget the part where you finished the last workout with blood streaming down your face, Ken. And Leah, you managed to have a smile on your face a couple of hours after we learned of the tie-breaker (probably in response to something J-HO said). That ability to respond to a loss with re-doubled determination is truly special, and in addition to your ridiculous athleticism, it is part of what makes you both so outstanding…it was GRACEFUL. The only thing I have to offer is, while my athletic efforts have been on a much smaller scale than your own, when you respond to adversity with determination, you WILL be stronger, and you two are going to continue to dominate for that very reason. Doesn’t make the result suck less, but the wins in your future will, mark my words!!!
    Mike G.: I didn’t arrive in time to see all of your workouts, but the expression on your face before the ones I did see was also a lesson to me—there was no shortage of determination and intensity, but you were cool, calm, collected and decidedly positive. You deserve every ounce of success you reaped this weekend, you put in every bit of effort required, so ENJOY.
    To the team: it was an honor to watch you all compete. So excited for you, and can’t wait for you guys, in combination with Master P. and Kenny G., to COMPLETELY dominate in Cali!

  • leah a

    thanks everybody for a great weekend. mike, ken, and leah, you guys are fkn amazing athletes, you all motivate me everyday to be where you are, thank you for that. crossfit has become the biggest thing in my life, and im happy to be sharing that with amazing people like you, and beefcake, and b-con, jailbait, j-ho, and robby, and all my other xfit family. im not good at being sappy, thanks dan for your sense of humor and for having an awesome gym, and for calling me leahtard every possible chance you get, i love it. we really trained hard for this weekend and i think that definitely showed. california better get ready, here we come! 2010 baby!!!!

  • leah a

    fran!!!! get some

  • Jonathan H CFATL

    I thought that I was never going to walk again after that row.
    This weekend was pretty emotional, and on top of that I just passed two years of CrossFit. I’ll keep it brief though.
    Dan, between todays post and yesterday’s, you’ve managed to put into words something that I didn’t think could be. Thanks for your support, encouragement, and for making CrossFit Atlanta home for us all.
    Mike G, Ken, and Leah P – There’s nothing I can put here that I haven’t already expressed to you guys. You are my heroes and you make me want to go harder and be better every single day. Phenomenal performances all around, and thanks for supporting the team when you probably would rather have been resting and recovering.
    My fellow teammates Brandon, Bethanie, Whitney, and Leahtard – Thanks for pushing yourselves (and me) to the limits and giving it everything this weekend. Love you guys.
    Jason B – I know for a fact that I would not be where I am without your coaching and training. Having people I didn’t know come up to me and tell me that I lifted way more than they would expect from just looking at me, and that I made the jerk at 260 look easy is not a compliment to me, that’s all you.
    Rob – It was tough training for months and then not having you out there getting the glory that you most definitely deserve. I know that it was hard for you to be there and not compete, I think I speak for everyone in saying that we all really appreciated it.
    To everyone else – Whether you were there physically or not, I felt all the love and all the support that you were sending our way.
    I am damn proud to call CrossFit Atlanta my home, the people there my family, and this sport my life. Thanks for letting me represent you all and the CrossFit Atlanta name.

  • Bethanie

    Some regular announcements:
    This is the week leading up to our paleo challenge that starts Monday. This morning was the first paleo informational by Brent. The next one will be Thursday at 6:15pm. This week, you need to “register”. This means bring $25 to me (or Brent in the am). It can be cash or a check made out to me (as I will get cash out for the winner at the end). Email me saying that you are in for the challenge and include your “before stuff”. This should include weight (use same scale throughout), measurements (Waist, hips, chest (men)), benchmark time (you have the option of doing Fran or Helen or both), pictures (mandatory if you want to win), and request which trainer you would like to be your mentor…I will do my best to match everyone up.
    Also, this Sunday at 5pm we will have a going away BBQ for Ian and Zoe. Ian is moving to Seattle and Zoe to DC. We want to wish them well after being with the gym for so long. Burgers and beer will be provided but please bring anything else you may want.

  • Ayeong

    Congrats to TEAM CFATL and Mike G for making it to Cali!!!!
    I am a newbie crossfitter and just watching all of you train for the games inspired me to be better in CF or my other endurance training. Well, intimidating is a better word. I have no doubt with a healthy team CFATL will take some names in Cali. All the way, guys and gals!!!

  • Ken

    So today a GT Prof asked me why I was limping. Is there even a way to start explaining that one?
    Thanks so much for the comments everyone, I really appreciate it, and the feelings are likewise. Mike it was awesome to see all your hard work pay off, we have trained so much together it was as fulfilling seeing you make it as qualifying myself. I didn’t doubt it for a second that you would make it. Bethanie, Brandon, Jonathan, Whitney, and Leah – it was AWESOME to watch you 5 kick ass out there. Leah P, I know it sucks, but I’m not worried at all, you will be back stronger than ever…Plus some teams are gonna get beat down in Cali.
    Congrats again to Mike G and the team, and thanks to Dan, MoMo, Rob and everyone who came out to cheer us all on.

  • RyanJ_CFATL

    Everyone should have witnessed the team row with CF ATL.
    Expletive. It was unbelievable. You would never guess that a long row would be exciting, but you would be wrong, sir. It gave me chills, my heart was racing, and I was sweating afterward and I didn’t touch the rower once. One thing that helped was that we could get so close to the competitors on this one. We weren’t blocked off with barriers like the other events. I was standing/squatting/yelling 3-4 feet from the rower. Like Dan said, CF ATL was in the final heat with the best teams. And the rowers were facing one another so the competitors were looking at each other. HA! That gym got so loud in the final 1,000 meters. Bethanie, Leah A, Brandon and Jonathan seriously left it all out on the court. It was a pleasure to watch…. Spectating is a serious workout when you cheer for CF ATL!

  • Kath Knox

    Very proud to say my origins are from CF-ATL and Dan & MikeGeeee!!! All of y’all are the frakkin BOMB. Congratulations ATLiens (lol)
    I got pix of that row (I thought someone was going to have an aneurysm haha), a pic of the meters too — and a bunch of others on the CFNA site http://photos.crossfitnorthatlanta.com/CrossFit-Community
    Uploading now to the Dirty South fb, be sure to tag yourselves.

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