Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Workout of the Day

Before Class or In Warm up:
10 full kb swings (soft elbows, shoulder up in ears at top)
5 single-arm eye-level kb swings with each arm (soft elbow, shoulder back and down at top)
10 kb snatches with each arm (shoulder up in ears at top)

3 x 20 seconds handstand hold against wall with stomach towards wall, shoulders up, hollow body position, toes pointed, head in (ears between your arms).  Only your toes should touch the wall. 

In 15 minutes work up to a heavy 3 rep hang power clean
(Do not drop the bar between reps)

Nasty Girls
3 rounds
50 air squats
7 muscle ups
10 hang power cleans (135/95 #)

WOD Demo

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