Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CrossFit ATL 0238 (1)Travis

Workout of the Day


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
15 ft Rope Climb, 5 ascents
50 Push-ups


Enlarge image

Veteran LAPD officer and United States Marine Corps Reservist
Sergeant Major Robert J Cottle, 45, was killed by an improvised
explosive device while on patrol in Southern Afghanistan on Wednesday,
March 24, 2010. RJ joined the Marines at age 18, and the LAPD in 1990.
His various LAPD assignments included Hollywood Vice, Southeast Area,
LAPD Dive Team and, most recently, SWAT. He is survived by his wife
Emily and 9 month old daughter Kaila. The LAPD established a trust fund for them.

David Millar and LAPD SWAT members on today's WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

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  • RyanJ_CFATL

    Wait… Does that say 50 push-ups each round?! That’s awesome!

  • RobertA

    only 25 15’ft rope ascents? this should be a breeze…wow

  • mike k

    great work to everyone that came in today and battled through R.J. !!! most did 3 rounds and found that was more than satisfying. for those that are “cherry picking,” it is important that you know that we as trainers will never make you do anything you really dont want to do (unless you’re just stubbornly avoiding working a weakness, WE WILL MAKE YOU WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESSES!!!). if you are not comfortable doing todays wod as prescribed (or unable) then we will scale appropriately. most folks did 3 rounds bc that alone took close to an hour. we are not unreasonable as trainers, we realize many of the hero workouts are epicly long and difficult. we will work with you to find a scaled down version that you will be confident and comfortable with. It is your job to tell the trainer any concerns our limitations you feel you have and then an appropriate plan can be devised. One of CFATL’s many strengths is our ability to adapt and be flexible (good pun right?), while still giving clients quality workouts to maximize their time spent in the gym. we are here to cater to you, so come in and allow us to do so.
    Alan Y, 51 and change on today’s wod as RX- a testament to hard work, and great nutrition! lots of heroic performances today. . . R.J. would be proud

  • MoMo

    My hats off to those who battled through and will battle through this workout. I’ll be lifting, working on my weaknesses. Also, I bought some new knee socks that I am very excited about. You can thank me when you see them. I am looking forward to doing tomorrow’s WOD with the morning crew. I’ll be in my hero t-shirt and my new camo knee socks. They are awesome.

  • RobertA

    your not going to believe this but i actually just pulled my hamstring getting up from my desk and am gonna have to sit this one out today:) jk

  • MikeG_CFATL

    Hey everyone…make sure that you are signing in for your classes. If you are having trouble with your card, let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!
    Oh yeah…no cherry picking!!

  • Dave Hodges

    As prescribed, 48:46. This is higher than my Murph time from over a year ago by about five minutes. This is a horribly brutal workout.

  • Dave Hodges

    I will be eargerly awaiting your impression of this WOD.

  • Rob M

    36:49 as Rx’d. I’m back bitches.

  • Ayeong

    Thank you Mike K for the kind words and encouragements …. Bring it on!…

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