Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CrossFit ATL 3106

A great grimace.

Make Up Day:  Make up a missed workout.  Make up your own workout.  Or come in and be surprised.

Playing around yesterday evening:

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  • Ken

    Too bad i missed the one arm snatching…I am confident there would be a higher probability of me turning Ian to a staunch Bush supporter than me getting that bar up over my head.

  • Laura

    oh, Ken. Don’t make me laugh so much. I have a major case of DOMS from doing the GHD sit up/ hip-X WOD on Sunday, and laughing hurts. We should photoshop a pic of Ian and W hanging out in their new-found friendship, or Ian and Cheney on a hunting trip.

  • Matthew Queen

    SNATCH OFF!!!!!

  • Heidi_CFATL

    can’t stop laughing!
    Did yesterday’s WOD, modified of course since i can’t benchpress my bodyweight.
    Used 35kg, 27 min…that was a lot of damn rowing.

  • Bethanie

    First workout in a week after a vegas weekend:
    Diane RX 22:45
    If you told me two months ago that I would ever be able to do Diane RX I would tell you that you’re an idiot. Moral of the story: go to Vegas.


    Good job Sponge Bob!

  • VAS

    Still trying to find the one arme snatch record. Rumor has it that Alekseev did 105kg

  • Stephanie E

    went to the Y in Tallahassee yesterday since my brother’s girlfriend can get me in for free…did Annie followed by a weighted lunges/burpees workout. was going to go workout again today but apparently it takes 5.5 hrs to put new tires on my car….

  • VAS

    Sounds like you don’t know how to put tires on a car

  • Steve

    Watched the video, wow! My PR for regular snatches isn’t much more than what Vas and Mike were doing one-handed.
    Did yesterday’s rowing/bench press WOD scaled to 2/3 bodyweight, 21:15.

  • Erin

    Bench Press(45#)/Rowing WOD 27:24 …. killed me.. 3500 m is a long row. Thanks for the help on my pull up Marie!! Hopefully I’ll get it in the next couple months.

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