Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011-05-233932 Richard

Workout of the Day

Thruster 2-2-2-2-2-2-2

We've learned that some members of our gym have not received invites to Mike & Bethanie's Baby Shower, Friday, June 3.  The reason is most shocking, something to do with not having any facebook friends.   So, you are all invited.  Please RSVP via the event's facebook page so we will know how much ETOH to purchase.

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  • Andy L

    It finally happened… A WOD with a swim came up on the main site. I’m happy to volunteer my neighborhood pool if anyone wants to do WOD next week. We have a jr. Olympic lap pool and there’s plenty of room for pushups on the deck. WOD = 5 Rounds: swim 50m and 25 push-ups. Mike G. 10:12

  • Ryan Tyler

    lisa’s first (maybe 2nd) handstand pushup

  • Ayeong

    Excellent, Lisa!!

  • Victor Zamudio

    my response to yestreday’s thread…
    Thanks Guys…. but my thruster still suck, squats are atrocious… forget about muscle-ups. Which everyone of you can crush. So… its all relative, I can grind myself out for 13 hrs, you guys just grind yourselves down in less time! DO NOT BE WEAK!

  • Richard Zapata

    Way to go, Lisa!! That’s my teammate!

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