Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PhotoIronMan Gumby heel striking at the finish.

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We are only a few weeks away from two big & conflicting CrossFit events in the Atlanta area.  Sometimes even CrossFit HQ makes a hash of things.  Time to decide.

1.  CrossFit Endurance course at CF ATL Nov 19-20.  Our man "Gumby", a/k/a Chris Lane gives this testimonial to CF Endurance:

"After racing in several triathlons, I switched my training plan to Crossfit Endurance. Prior to competing in this year’s Augusta IronMan 70.3, I competed in a Olympic distance triathlon, just for practice (as a warm-up to the IM), and to my surprise, without pushing myself, shaved six minutes off my previous PR for an Olympic distance triathlon! Then during the IM 70.3, shaved TWENTY minutes off my bike ride! The CFE training plan prepared me to attack the Olympic and IM 70.3 courses. I will use the CFE training from this season as a starting point for next years triathlon season and I cannot wait to crush the PR’s set this year!

 To my amazement, when I crossed the finish line at the August IM 70.3 and looked up at my finishing time, and while very pleased with my time, all I could hear in my head was the voice of my CFE trainer saying, “Again, FASTER!” Thank you CFE for the training schedule! It made the swim easy, the bike AMAZING and the run, well, it’s hard to do much with a stress fracture in you shin, but, when all healed, will crush the Augusta 70.3 course next year and all other triathlons I may enter!"

2.  Richest 5 K Race, CrossFit Sports Series, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Nov. 19.  Coach Glassman is planning to attend.  This will be a great fun and family event.  Individual prizes, team prizes, kids division, food, beer, you name it, we got it.  If you are not attending the CFE course, go ahead and register, because that's the WOD on Nov 19.



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  • kba_cfatl

    Chris A. suggested the idea that I post here on the blog about my upcoming competition (and since a few have asked). I won’t go into the longer story of how it came to pass, but basically I will be going to the World Weightlifting Championships in France and I compete this weekend. I did not have to qualify for it (or have a minimum qualifying total) because I am representing Pakistan, I am the first female and currently the only female to represent and be a part of the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation team. My being able to participate is about more inclusion in the sport and getting something started. I will try to use Facebook and/or my Twitter account to post updates (@LiftingCovered and http://www.LiftingCovered.com). We are not sure yet if they will have live video streaming or not. Hopefully, I can get someone to take pictures and video of me there. Sarah Watson designed a t-shirt for me that says Pakistan Weightlifting and I added Powered by Crossfit Atlanta weightlifting. I don’t have pictures of the shirt but here are pictures of images on the tshirt:

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