Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Workout of the Day

Set a cone at 20 meters. Five rounds for time of:
185 pound barbell Overhead walk, 40 meters
30 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
95 pound barbells Farmer carry, 40 meters

The barbells must be turned around the cone.

Post time to comments.

T-shirts and hoodies are coming!  T-shirts will be in inventory, but the hoodies are pre-paid order only.  Hoodie preview and ordering info.

New York Times Article, The Once and Future Way To Run, by Christopher MacDougall, author of Born To Run.  Excellent article, with accompanying video and graphic on correct running.  The article traces the history of how people ran before the running shoe industry, led by Nike, aided and abetted by the running magazines, put us into shoes that forced bad technique and moved us away from safe, efficient running, with the result that these days over 70% of runners experience running related injury and pain, much to the delight of the medical community.  The article gives props to Dr. Nicolas Romanov and the Pose Method, which two of our trainers at CF ATL, Dan & Mike G., are licensed to teach.

We also have a two day CrossFit Endurance course coming up Nov 19-20 with focus on Pose Method running, programming, & nutrition strategies for endurance athletes.  Learn how CrossFit Endurance programming can get you ready for an ultramarathon or IronMan with higher intensity, lower volumne training (one long run of 13 miles once a month).

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  • Leah P

    CFATL Anniversary Hoodies are on pre-order now!
    If you want one, you MUST pre-order and pay by November 23rd. Design and details are on flyers at the gym and sign up sheet is on the “Events” board. They are $40 cash or check (payable to Leah Polaski). Talk to a trainer if you have questions or need to pay. They must sign off on your payment on the sign-up sheet.
    Get ’em while they’re hot!!!

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