Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011-10-185148AM Weightlifting Crew, a/k/a The Morning Meatheads

Workout of the Day

Five rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
7 Muscle-ups
Run 200 meters
7 Handstand push-ups
Run 200 meters
30 second L-sit hold
Run 200 meters
20 One legged squats

Death By Prowler, [pdf dowwnload], from Starting Strength.

Men's Health article by a guy who didn't like it. You can post your comments there or here.  I don't know if his coaching was good, bad, or indifferent, but it seems the final straw (which says a lot about him) was a group workout in which he finished DFL, and all the other members of the group were women who were cheering him to the finish.  He left and never came back.  Actually, this happens to a lot of guys.  It's a character test.  He failed.

In local news, Brad the actor broke the last piece of glass in the front roll up door's bottom section.  At last, all four have been replaced with plastic.  Be careful when dropping weights in that area.  Two were broken by members who stepped up and paid for the replacement.  Two by persons who slunk off and remain anonymous.  Obviously they were rat fink commies.

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  • Stephanie E

    Regarding the Men’s Health article…Read: “I don’t want to BE good, I just want to LOOK good.”

  • Dave Hodges

    Stephanie, I also gathered that – his priority seemed to be on how good he looks. The fact that he was getting beaten by women should have made him re-evaluate his level of fitness. When I got beat by a fat woman on my second WOD ever, I realised that I had no idea what fitness was.

  • Matney Gornall

    So, I’m with Dan on the character test part. I thought that was interesting. However, I think the writer does make a fair point regarding the danger of CrossFit, especially about the danger of doing complex lifts to failure and that perhaps we should acknowledge that. Part of CrossFit is dangerous and while we do embrace that danger as important to functional fitness, it is important to realize and communicate. It is important to learn where our limits are and how to fail safely. When we don’t, we are very likely to get hurt and I think it is important that coaches and veterans should be cognizant of that as newbies come along.

  • Andy L

    Where Men’sHealth fails, I’ve noticed Competitor magazine succeeds. This leads me to my criticism of the article. He doesn’t mention scalability. Competitor, K-Star, Brian McKenzie and many others emphasize proficient technique – adjust according to your ability. If your form goes to shit, use a band, put the bar back on the rack and grab a PVC pipe. It’s not just for o-lifts. If you can’t C&J 135lbs, pick up an empty bar or PVC pipe and then do Grace. When people don’t take the time to become proficient they will injure themselves. If you don’t mobilize, ice, rest, etc before and after (for us oldies) you will injure yourself. If you are trying to impress the hottie next to you wearing next to nothing you will injure yourself. I believe Crossfit is for everyone. I know not everyone will like Crossfit as we all have different goals, agenda’s and so on. Globo-gym is cheap, designed for the masses and an easy place to hop on the treadmill, waste an hour and get turned down by the girl you wish was wearing next to nothing.

  • MsDanyal

    WOW.. The guy who wrote that article is a real narcissistic , woman hating, a-Hole . His whole tone reeked of douchebagginess. GELATINOUS women ? .. ” I was embarrassed to be cheered on by a bunch of women” WTF ? His problem isn’t that Crossfit isn’t for him .. his problem is he’s a moron. Never once did he discuss that WODs are scalable or that any trainer worth their cert is going to go over movements and discuss weight with you before a WOD begins . I guarantee.. this gelatinous woman( me) would relish in kicking his flat skinny ass

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