Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brandon Philips, Rob Miller, Jonathan Horowitz at the Blackfoot Night Mud Run a few weeks ago.

Workout of the Day


Ten rounds for time of:
Run 150 meters
7 Chest to bar pull-ups
135 pound Front squat, 7 reps
7 Handstand push-ups

Kevin Montoya 18:20, Heather Bergeron 19:23, Michael Giardina 19:54,
Kim Malz 29:16 (95lbs).
Post time to comments.

"Do Women Sweat Differently Than Men?" from the New York Times.

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  • Bethanie

    If you’re a participant in the paleo challenge: don’t forget to bring ALL of your metrics tomorrow pm so that after you get your bodyfat tested you can turn it all in to me so we can decide the winner for Thursday’s paleo dinner. Thanks!

  • Bethanie

    This Friday is our Halloween Anniversary party! Many of you have asked me what you can bring. Please bring whatever you want to drink as I will have some basics but not enough to go around. Also, if you feel like bringing a snack, you are welcome to but not required. Otherwise, you can bring a carved pumpkin by friday for decoration…or come help us carve during the day on Friday. No worries if you can’t do any of it, just show up for a good time!

  • Bethanie

    This Thursday at 7am is our Yoga class with Tracey. We are trying to decide whether to keep these classes going so if you want them to continue, please come. Cost is $10.

  • Casey

    Bethanie- I’m still a little beaten up from the past couple weeks of injuries. If I come in this afternoon, can I do a different workout (since running and pull ups are out of the picture at the moment, and probably handstand pushups too)? I want to get back into the gym but I’m really limited right now unfortunately.

  • rhjones5

    Are we not doing filthy fifty again to end the challenge?

  • Bethanie

    Yes, dear Harrison. Open gym hours are a great time to make that up! Maybe tomorrow, I’ll let people do it since the remainder of the class will be maxing out their thrusters.

  • Bethanie

    Casey, we are always open to modifying workouts for injuries. Come on in, sista!

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