Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"I may not be good at WODs, but I sure am hot" -Carson Pittman

Workout of the Day

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
120 pound Overhead squat, 30 reps
10 Muscle-ups

 Notice: Free trials are now by appointment only.  We will no longer have the open free trials on Saturdays.  If you know someone who would like to do a free trial please have them email a trainer to set one up.

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  • Ayeong

    Kroger is having a special on So Delicious Coconut Milk — $1.99 ($2.00 off).

  • Stephaniemvandellen

    Also FYI, Publix has buy one get one free Emerald Roasted (Cocoa and cinnamon) NUTZ this week! STOCK UP!

  • Steve

    Thanks Alan and Steph — those are both good tips, am planning to stock up tonight on my way home.
    @Steph: where do they usually stock these at Publix? Was looking for the cocoa ones a few weeks ago at the Publix near my house and couldn’t find them.

  • Stephaniemvandellen

    The buy one get one stuff is usually in bins near the front of the store when you walk in..or in the normal almonds/nuts area. Happy hunting!

  • MsDanyal

    uhm is that a direct quote from Carson’s sermon this Sunday? … because I’m pretty sure right after he said that – he flashed his awesome calves to the congregation. Several women fainted

  • Danschmidt

    Looking like a beast, he won’t be able to keep the crossfit women off him!

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