Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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Laughter is as good for you as exercise, from Science Daily

Articles on the censorship of South Park by Comedy Central:

South Park and the Informal Fatwa, by Aayan Hirsi Ali, Wall Street Journal

We Need South Park-And We Need To Remember Theo Van Gogh, by Aaron Elias, Pajamas Media

Self Censoring South Park, by Nina Shea, National Review

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  • RyanJ_CFATL

    I want to come and cheer on CFATL in Jacksonville at the Dirty South games. Where are people staying? When are you getting down there and flying back? What do I need to know to gain admittance? Thanks.

  • Danya Levine

    I had the pleasure of barging into Matt & Trey’s dressing room when they were on Conan after the South Park movie came out . Two of the nicest guys I have ever met- hilarious- and even more shocked when I handed them my copy of BASEKTBALL to sign.

  • Bethanie

    Hi all…okay so this Sat we are all going to the braves game at 3:10pm. Please email me if you want to come because I will buy tix TOMORROW!! [email protected]
    After the game there is that some of us will be going to. The undercard fighter is a crossfitter so that will be fun!
    I’ll caption this photo: “I finally look like i have an ass!!! woohoo!”

  • RyanJ_CFATL

    I guess everyone was just too busy today to help me out, huh? I found this very helpful website.

  • Bethanie

    hahah imagine that…the website of the event is helpful. i’m pretty sure your roommate knows some of this info too…

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