Wednesday, Cinco de Mayo, 2010

Front Squat
In a properly executed front squat, the load is born entirely by the
shoulders, and not at all by the hands and fingers. (photo and language courtesy of

Workout of the Day

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

"An artist is one who eschews the pursuit of women, money, and fame for
the sake of his art, by which he hopes to gain women, money, and fame"
–Sigmund Freud.

CrossFit ATL 4580 (2)CrossFit Games hopefuls working out together last Saturday

Fiber in the Diet, Dr. Michael Eades

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  • mike k

    6 am’ers. good job getting aggressive on those front squats. Beth pushed it so hard she almost fainted!
    Huge Pr’s for team Ewing this morning on “Michael” Great Job Nancy and Jim!

  • Andy L

    I was on the main site and looking at the pic from 5/3 and is it me or is spotting Mike G in an xfit gym photo a little like finding Waldo?

  • Bethanie

    Hey!! Time to paint the gym!! We will begin painting Saturday (may 8) at noon and would love some volunteers to help on both Sat and Sun. Volunteers will be paid in beer. Saturday night, Jonathan and Ryan have invited everyone to their “SOmething de Mayo” party. THey will be donating all the leftover booze to the painting party on Sunday May 9th that will begin at 11am.
    Next hydrostatic bodyfat testing will be June 8th. That whole first week of June will be preparing us for our next “paleo challenge” that will begin June 14th…details to come. Still looking for more feedback/suggestions for this next round.
    In addition to being painted, the gym is being cleaned…there will no longer be a grace period for dirty dishes/tupperwares/coffee cups/underwear/protein shakers, etc left behind. If I find it, without a name on it, while no one is at the gym, it is going in the trash. If you want to keep it at the gym, clean it, put your name on it, and put it in a logical spot (next to the sink/in a cupboard).
    Next cookout: Friday May 14th.
    Gym will be closed the weekend of May 22/23 for a level 1 cert. We will plan a run or another fun activity.
    ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT: May 2010 is the last month we will be providing a big unorganized binder for people to record their workouts in. We will however provide the service of Beyond the Whiteboard. Click on “Online workout log” on the left to see how to sign up. The other option is to keep your own little book. I think you will find this much easier for you as well.

  • Dave Hodges

    As prescribed, up to 70 kg.

  • MikeG_CFATL

    The SouthEast “Dirty South” regionals needs more volunteers. Please help out the CrossFit community and volunteer. Plus, you get to watch all the action for free. Go here to register…

  • MikeG_CFATL

    Check this out. This is a pretty cool article about endurance athletes who do not eat wheat. I FOUND THIS ARTICLE ALL BY MYSELF…

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