Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CrossFit ATL 4570Andy.  Still working on shoulder flexibility.

Workout of the Day


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Post time to comments.

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  • Jonathan H CFATL

    Since nothing seems to be stirring today, I’ll start us off. Robert asked a great question on the forum about several things: the myth about having to eat every two hours to boost your metabolism, post workout nutrition, and supplementation. Read it under “q&a/other/ Supplements and frequency of eating?” on and discuss!

  • peterbassi

    For those of you following the saga of my ruptured L5 disk, here’s an update:
    Yesterday, I was able to fill in an empty spot in Bethanie’s tag-team Cindy workout. I did 9 rounds of 5 strict pullups, 10 pushups, 10 walking lunges. I did not even attempt the kettle bell hold. I was extremely careful the entire time, and felt no pain throughout the entire thing, but more importantly, no pain today, which is great considering I’ve typically felt the results of my misdoings the day after.
    Today, for whatever reason, is the least painful day I’ve had thus far in 2010. I was also able to bend over and touch the floor at PT today without being worked on, which is a first since this thing started.
    I’m hoping this is a sign that I’m healing, and not just a random good day or two. I’m going to keep up with the strict pull-ups and push-ups since they’re the only two things I know that are truly safe beyond my usual rehab stuff (push-ups are actually part of my rehab). I can’t wait to do strict pull-up Angie.


    That’s good news Peter!


    Everyone…Don’t forget to take advantage of Beyond the Whiteboard to post your workout results.
    You can also track your weight and other goodies in there which is great to see your results over time.
    There is a link on the left called “Online Workout Log.” It is free for our members. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can email me for an invitation or click the “Sign Up” link on the Beyond the Whiteboard Website and follow the directions.
    My email for invites is [email protected]

  • Ken

    Ladies and gents. Okay. The scientist in me needs to push back a little on the “black and white” nutrition posts. Some good thoughts, btu I think we are making it seem like we have more certainty around things that we really do.
    First off, I urge people to think beyond Robb Wolf or Barry Sears. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY either of them has it all right. I have seen things that we think we understand in science debated for decades after someone says they have “the answer”. So be careful what you believe and what you write off in a field that is VERY complex. And please, please be careful what you read about nutrition on the internet. You can find data to support almost any side of a story.
    Having said this, I can tell you my own experiences and beliefs that come from reading most of the books (on both sides of the argument) and worrying about fitness for 25 years or so, and you can decide how you want to take them. You HAVE to try things for yourself. I do not think the same things that work for me will always work for you.
    I generally agree that grains, starches are not a good carb source and should be avoided or taken out completely. The Paleo an d Zone both completely agree on this. Paleo say none at all, zone says “use them only as a condiment”. Which means very sparingly.
    The zone and paleo, and most fitness “diets”, for that matter agree that lean meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds are good.
    The debate comes over:
    Legumes: Paleo No, Zone Yes. Your call on this one. Plenty of studies/articles showing both sides. I eat them once in a while.
    Dairy: Same thing. Paleo No, Zone yes. I eat eggs (which I think is Paleo) but I also drink skim milk (which is only zone). Again, you can dig up studies showing both sides, and talk to people who have done and not done dairy. THERE IS NOT A RIGHT ANSWER HERE. I drink milk and eat eggs, and sometimes cheese if I need a protein source and there is not one around.
    Frequency of Eating: A big one. Sears claims evidence that frequency of eating matters, others claim it does not matter. Sears says that large calorie consumptions also spike insulin. Maybe he is wrong maybe he is right. But, my point of view is this: Given a CONSTANT calorie intake, I would rather split into small meals because if Sears is right then I am covered. If he is wrong, then I am still not doing any harm according to the Paleo since they say it does not matter either way.
    Balance of Protein and Carb: Again, paleo says it does not matter, Sears says it does. I do not balance perfectly – and the zone does not say perfect balance is necessary (they show a bell curve in the book centered at .75). My logic is the same if it does not matter under Paleo, and I am still eating Paleo foods, why not balance. There is a chance the Zone research is correct, and if it is I am doing good. If the research is wrong, and I am balancing – then aside from wasting a little time to think about my proportions I am not doing anything bad.
    Fruit Juice: Ahhh…The big one. The Paleo for athletes book by Loren Cordain suggest a homebrew shake of fruit juice, protein powder, and glucose. They say this is only for after high intensity workouts of long ones – and it should be avoided when you “don’t need it” – like after a Sunday Stroll. I drink such a shake ONLY after workouts and i also balance the protein and carbs in it roughly. Otherwise juice does nto have all the vitamins, and fiber of fruit and is not a good sub for fruit, or ideally vegetables.

  • Bethanie

    yes, Ken is right about all the different theories/approaches re nutrition. This is why we have stressed the importance of specifying what your goals are and tailoring your nutrition according to those. Thanks Ken!


    Yes…there are definitely shades of gray (except on the grains) and nothing will ever be definitive in science.
    But the for the purpose of the Paleo Challenge, we are focusing on eliminating grains, legumes, and dairy.
    Simply eliminate these things that are all at irritants for the 31 day Paleo Challenge. After that point, feel free to experiment with adding things back in one at a time.
    If you are not doing the Paleo Challenge, do what works for you. One size certainly does not fit all.

  • Anonymous

    Peter, thanks for being my partner int he workout on Tuesday! Glad you felt fine the next day!

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