Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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The Bench Press In Strength Training, Bill Starr, CrossFit Journal

Eat Like A Caveman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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  • Giselle Bell

    Who is the guy that does the sports massage therapy at our gym? Contact information? The massages I’m getting now aren’t cutting it!


    Brian Fox…404.808.4915 or [email protected]

  • MoMo

    Who is that white ghost in the background?? Greetings from Cali. Miss you guys tons. I never did one of those emotional goodbye posts, which is totally out of character for me since I am prone to being overly sentimental. Found a great, all-female Crossfit gym in Cali called Crossfit Fly. They have great coaches and a 3x per week program that is perfect for me in terms of age/recovery and other interests. I even did a competition, and I’m doing the open wods. It’s been fun to be back at it, albeit in a completely different environment. They think I’m a badass bc of my pullups, which causes me to think of you all, and how truly unimpressive I am; and I speculate that J is happy that I am working out with people that own and utilize shirts. Work and home life are all great and loving the beauty of California…it just makes you want to be outside constantly. Good luck to everyone from CFATL competing in the Open, I know you all will leave me in awe, as usual. Kisses and Hugs, Mo.

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