Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011-02-053165 Mike G. training future CrossFit trainers

Workout of the Day

Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Announcement: starting this Sunday, February 13 we will now have a Sunday 6pm class. A new option for those of you who like lazy Sunday mornings!  Thank you to Andy Bayles for starting this one up.

Zone v. Atkins

  It's sad when two pioneers in carbohydrate restriction get to fighting.  With a new, upated Atkins diet book and recent research results showing that Atkins beats the Zone and other diets on weight loss, blood pressure reduction, triglyceride reduction, and HDL inclease, Barry Sears answers with criticicism of the Atkins Diet.  My take: Both diets have evolved considerably over the years, and they will continue to evolve.  Both are emphatic that excess carbohydrate consumption causes metabolic derangement, obesity, etc.  A great merit of the Zone is weighing and measuring, a demerit is that it prescribes the same macronutrient ratio for everyone, and you must strickly limit food intake, often without regard to apetite.  A great merit of Atkins is recognition that each person has different tolerance for carbohydrate load, and so it leads you through a process to determine what carb load is best for you.  A demerit is that there is no weighing and measuring, so it's hard to say what protein, carb, & fat ratios work best.  Coming to CrossFit soon will be the world's largest experiment to see what works best.

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  • Dave Hodges

    I think that there are different contributions of the various diets, and one can glean different things from each one to build his own diet plan. When I started doing the Zone back in 2007, I lost weight, but I didn’t do any weighing and measuring – I just kept the macronutrient ratio more or less at 4:3 with no regard to fat intake.
    I lost about two stone over the course of six months. Then, I dumped the macronutrient measuring and just decided to cut out all processed carbohydrate and followed a more Atkins approach. This resulted in even more weight loss (another half stone), whilst strength continued to increase. The problem was that these diets only addressed the quantity of this or that, but rarely the quality. During all of this time, I became aware of the merits of organic foods, pastured meat and butter, and traditional lacto-fermented foods. None of these seemed to affect my athletic performance, but they did result in overall better health. This is where the paleolithic diet contributes greatly, in spite of its excessive restrictions in certain areas.
    There are many diets that will result in good health, though. And macronutrient content varies widely across the board. What they all have in common is little to no refined carbohydrate intake. My main gripe with the Zone and the paleolithic diets is that they try to walk the fence of appealing to conventional wisdom whilst still claiming to be revolutionary: they both espouse a low-fat (or low saturated fat) paradigm which has been demonstrated to be completely false. In this sense, Atkins is definitely superior to Zone and the Paleo diet.
    For those of you interested, my wife and I recently bought an organic, grass-fed, humanely raised hormone-free cow, and the meat is hands down the best meat we have ever eaten. This is where we got it:
    If you go to Whole Foods and buy this quality of meat, you’re talking about (USD) $12 per pound. We got our cow for less than (USD) $4 per pound. Highly recommended.

  • Bethanie


  • MsDanyal

    DAMMIT I knew I forgot something .. I will stop by tonight and place my order !

  • Leah P

    Two things:
    1. check this site out –
    2. the arnold classic is in columbus, oh the weekend of march 5-6. i’m planning to go… my family is in cincinnati, and i need to give myself reasons to visit. anyway, it’s supposed to be a fun event and there will be CF events to take part in (along with the fun of freak-show watching).
    more info here:,1030/
    and on today’s mainsite post. if anyone is interested, let me know! i can’t offer up places to stay, but carpooling is defintiely an option…

  • Andy L

    Cool site, Leah. Here’s one Brent showed me the other day that you may like.

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