Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Spend 20 minutes stretch and/or roll: calves, hammies, quads, shoulders, triceps, wrists.

3 x 20 seconds in support on p-bars or rings
3 x 20 seconds in very deep dip position on p-bars or rings (thumb should tickle armpit)
3 sets max hollow rocks/rest 2 minutes between sets
Total 1 minute in bottom of pull-up position with active shoulders and hollow body position, thumb around bar. 

Tall Cleans 



What's wrong with this article?  The New Science Behind America's Deadliest Diseases.  

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  • Ryan Tyler

    So much is wrong with that article. For one, it assumes high fat diets make people fat. B: it badly confuses correlation with causation. I really really hate that

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