Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011-07-164579 (1) Brandon has graduated!

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Register now for the CrossFit Sports Series 5K at Atlanta Motor Speedway, August 13.  Let's win the prize for affiliate with most participants, a free margarita party from Sinless Margarita.

The CrossFit Olympic Lifting trainer seminar is coming soon: Sept 24-25.

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  • MoMo

    Hey guys! Just a note to let you all know that Ryan J. and I will be hyping and coordinating the 5k event. If you’ve been thinking about how grateful you are for all our gym has done for us, and wondering how you can repay Dan, well, you really can’t, but $10,000 bucks and a margarita party would be a great start! Other good reasons are (1) you need to re-test your 5k time because you run them about as often as I do heavy thrusters (2) it’s your first 5k and the sense of accomplishment and us all cheering you on will be an irreplaceable memory (3) I told you to do it, and I really want to say goodbye and get all emo before I leave for Cali (4) you’re a secret sleeper cell that’s in it to win it and there are cash prizes. It’s on a track, so no noticeable turns and no hills!! Please remember, you don’t need to be fast to be on our team…we win for Dan by the number of participants registered as part our affiliate. Also, if you’re interested in carpooling or offering your big car to carry a load of really fit people south of the perimeter, or if you have any other questions, please email me at [email protected]…we will post more on the number of spots in cars and participants closer to time. GET EXCITED!!! (It’s rumored that there will also be a going away dinner for me the night before at Urban Pl8, so pencil that in as well.)

  • Bethanie

    Lots of exciting stuff going on!!! Leah heads to CA on Monday for the games…if you want to wish her luck/send her off, come to brunch at urban pl8 on Sunday at noon!! woohoo LEah!!!

  • Leah P

    If you REALLY want to send me off to Cali on the right foot, come to my 11am class this Sunday (we can all grub at urban pl8 right after)… it’s a “rest day”, but at the request of some special peeps, i’m going to make up a fun “surprise” wod!!!
    basic premise is, there will stations around the gym (and outside), but you won’t know going into it how many stations, what the stations are or how many reps you’ll do at each one. hence the “surprise”. don’t worry, it will be things EVERYONE can do and it won’t kill you. goal is to make it a good workout and FUN!
    10am class will go on as normal too.

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Sunday 11am fun WOD with surprises??!! AMRAP Cupcake Consumption. Somebody hand me a dry erase marker, I just got my name on the board!

  • Ayeong

    See you 11am Sunday. I will be there to crush that surprise WOD just to make you proud of me….. LOL … bring it Coach LP!

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