Wednesday, July 21, 2009

CrossFit ATL 3745 Planking

Workout of the Day

Make Up Day: Make up a missed workout.  Make up your own, or try this:

Weighted Pullups


Check this out.  A girl too wild for rugby parties who is one of the best female ultra runners in the country, Jenn Shelton.

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  • VAS

    Filthy 50 (at 7:30am)
    30:36 as Rx

  • VAS

    Did anyone else notice that it’s Wednesday July 22nd, not 21st.

  • Marie_CFATL

    Filthy Fifty with Vas
    29:52 (or 50 something?)
    It’s the worst time in a lot time for me…but I was glad I did something today. Working out in the morning is a whole different world.

  • Kath Knox

    Need to drum up some participants & help for our Ga-fitness expo!!
    Start signing up y’all!!

  • Jeff

    The fitness challenge sounds interesting, like a version of “Fight Gone Bad.” Have they done this in past years?
    Today: 65lb Fran – 7:34 (PR by over three minutes!)

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