Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mike K.

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As most all of you already know, Mike K. is moving to San Diego. We will really miss him, but we wish him the best in his new adventure.  His going away party will be March 12.  Details are on FaceBook.

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  • Michael McLaughlin

    NO REP! Ha! Only because you say that to me, Mikey.

  • Ayeong

    Hey Mike K
    Sorry I can’t make it this morning….. All the best for you at SD …. Enjoy Cali weather and don’t you dare be a CHARGER fan!

  • Pablo Vega

    Alan, everyone knows the Chargers suck.
    On another note, post-workout nutrition is always a “heated” topic, specially at CrossFit gyms. Let the following video settle the debate once and for all:
    Warning: It’s NOT Paleo (you’ve been warned)

  • Rob M

    This is my breakfast every day.

  • MsDanyal

    The mornings will not be the same with out Mikey AKA “Happy Sunshine boy “. Sad does not even begin to describe it.
    oh and the CHARGERS DO SUCK.. but the PADRES .. that’s a team to root for !

  • Andy L

    Now we know how Bobby finally hit 200lbs. We should try that at our next cookout. That thing looks ridiculously awesome. We’d just need to add the bacon explosion to it and we’d be set.

  • Bethanie

    We’ll miss you Mike. I’ll let you form your own opinion on sports teams (in true California fashion). 😉

  • Bethanie

    All: hoodies have arrived. I’ve labeled each one and ordered them alphabeticially on the table by the vending machine. Please highlight or cross your name off the list (on the board above the hoodies) when you pick yours up. Thanks!


    Wow…Those 10 pounders really do look big in pictures. Or wait, are those the 15’s?

  • Pablo Vega

    New shipment, 6 kilo plates… but they make you look like your last name is Sheen (first name Charlie) when someone takes a photo

  • kba_cfatl

    If you are interested in buying a cf atl weightlifting t-shirt, please let me know. here is more information:
    I am submitting the order Thursday night or Friday AM

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