Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bean Dip goes low in the jerk.  Compare to Norbert Shemansky Norb-Schemansky

Workout of the Day

From April 2003

Perform 3 rounds:

Jump rope 2 minutes, max “double-unders
Pull-ups 25 reps for time

There's but one way to determine the efficacy of a fitness protocol: pit that system against a second system and test them both against the standards of a third. By this standard CrossFit has no peer.

– Greg Glassman

Strength and Conditioning: Abdominals from Tulsa World of Gymnastics Tips. These exercises are ideal warm-up and cool down movements. We suggest that you practice them all regularly.


Yoga class 7 PM tomorrow!

Closed this weekend for CrossFit Trainer seminar

No evening weightlifting classes this week.  The boys are on spring break.

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  • Bethanie

    5pmers and 6pmers: as I informed most of you last night, rest days and/or days where we have already done the HQ wod will remain a “trainer choice”. I probably will not have do pull ups tonight.
    On a separate note: Paleo night is this upcoming Tuesday, the 29th. I’ll put the sign up out tonight.

  • Ryan Tyler

    you’re writing has gone to hell.

  • Rob M

    I’m unsuccessfully fighting the irony of “you’re writing”…

  • Ryan Tyler

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! you have full permission to kick me right in the balls next time you see me. i bash people unrelentingly for the same mistake. and i am criticizing someone’s writing while committing this heinous crime. i should be shot. at least i know that it’s wrong. most dolts who do this don’t.

  • kba_cfatl

    I believe that is a split snatch due to the wide grip.
    I found this video of it (in later competition compared to the above picture)
    Here is a video of him split clean + jerk:

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