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Recovery/Skills/Active Rest Day

Wednesdays and Sundays are rest days for us, just like every 4th day is and has been a rest day on since the dawn of time.  What this means is that you come in, tell the trainer what your injury niggles or mobility issues are, and ask him or her to give you some advice about stretching, rolling, massage balls, etc. that will help with your problem.  For example, you may have problems with shoulder mobility which makes racking the front squat difficult, or you may have pain in the bottom of your foot.  We can help if you let us.  Then warm up, work on things you suck at, & join the group for the skill focus of the day.  If you want to do a workout you missed from the previous cycle, you may, but you will make better and faster progress if you do the skills focus.

Skills Focus:

Tall Cleans
This is an excellent drill for everyone who has problems pulling early and/or not getting down under the bar after the 2nd pull, which means most everyone.
Start in high hang position.  Hook grip, heels under hips.  Think "Shrug & Drop, Fast Elbows"  Do not start movement with any leg movement to bounce up before going down.  No dip, drive, shrug, just shrug and drop.  Shrug, pick your feet up, and rotate your elbows as fast as you can while dropping down to catch the bar with your shoulders.  Emphasis is on speed going down, with no arm pull & fast elbows.

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