Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012-05-256453Dustin "Farmer" Hall will be taking a sabbatical soon but will return after interning at several organic farms in the Northeast.  See the FB page for going away party plans.

Rest/Recovery/Skills Day

10 minutes stretch/roll/ball on your shoulders, then

Ankle Mobility

Then Hip Mobility

Skills Session
Overhead "Drop & Land" followed by Tall Snatch
These are Snatch assistance exercises. 

Start with a stick overhead, warm up with 10 overhead squats, then:
Drop & Land: Stick overhead, start with feet under hips, drop and land in bottom of overhead squat, hold 2 seconds, then rise.  If you are not landing in stable position, then adjust before coming up, and try to land correctly next time. 5 correct reps before moving on.  Do not bounce up, just pick your feet off ground, move them to squat width and drop like a rock.  Land tight.  This is the "catch" position. 

Follow with Tall Snatch: Start in High Hang (fully erect) position, snatch width grip.  Shrug and drop into overhead squat, no dip & drive, just shrug and drop.  Emphasis is on speed going down. Going down is initiated by the shrug.  Keep stick close to body.  Think, "shrug & catch."  After 5 correct reps, increase weight to empty lightweight bar, and repeat the sequence of "drop & land" followed by tall snatch.  Keep moving up to heavier bars and weight until technique falters, then back off.  

Finish with High Hang Snatches.  In this you are adding a dip/drive preceding the shrug & catch. Emphasis is on speed of turnaround,  shrugging and going down the instant the dip/drive is over. Dip/drive, shrug and drop into the catch.

Many of you are able to power snatch as much or more than you can squat snatch.  That's because you're still trying to go up when you should be going down.  These drills are aimed at fixing that, at learning to turn around quickly and start down at the correct time. 

And for those who really want to work their mobility, don't forget Mandy's Yoga at 7 PM tonight.

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