Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ActuaCrossFit ATL 4234 Actual or perceived intensity?

Workout of the Day

400m Walking Lunge

Post time and number of steps to comments.

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  • peterbassi

    So glad I’m flying out after work today. This workout would not be fun after making up the burpee/back-squat workout last night and before a 10k run tomorrow morning. Some of the comments on main site are pretty funny.

  • Heidi_CFATL

    ACTUAL! 🙂

  • Antonio Vereen

    Heidi! Looks like you had a great workout and are spent. I think that may be 50-50 on the actual vs. percieved intensity! Just kidding. Take care!!

  • Laura

    a couple upcoming events to be aware of:
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    On Saturday, December 5th, the CrossFit family will support the families of the victims killed in the shootings at Ft. Hood on November 5th through the Lumberjack CrossFit Memorial Hero WOD. 4 crossfitters were killed in the shooting at Ft. Hood.

  • Jeff

    400m lunges – 11:20
    Not looking forward to how my legs and ass will feel tomorrow.

  • Steve

    Out of town — did a 40 minute run, then 100 push-ups in 7:36
    Actual or perceived is too easy. We should be able to guess the workout from the look of suffering on Heidi’s face; lying under the pullup bars so maybe a metcon that ends in pullups. But not curled into hyperventilating ball, so we can rule out Fran and Helen. No other bodies in picture, so we can rule out an AMRAP. I am guessing this was taken after Eva or possibly last weeks HSPU-run-pullup triplet.

  • RyanJ_CFATL

    I was informed that I beat Bethanie last night on the backsquat/burpee AMRAP workout with 4 rounds + 13 burpees. Felt good. Vas was yelling at Peter and I to not get beat by a girl. Great motivation.
    Just think……….
    If the Indians had given the Pilgrims a donkey instead of a turkey, we would all be having a piece of ass this Thanksgiving!!

  • Heidi_CFATL

    Ding, ding, ding! 🙂
    HSPU-run-pullup triplet..

  • Bethanie

    haha!! love it. ryan, you know you were supposed to use your full bodyweight for the squats, right?

  • Bethanie

    yup, i used 64kg ryan…xoxo

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