Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011-11-045193Excellent range of motion Panda!

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Smokin Joe Frazier, dead at 67.  R.I.P.  I recall traveling from Athens to Augusta, GA in 1971 to watch the 1st Ali v. Frazier fight on closed circuit (no cable or PPV in those days).  Best fight I ever saw.  Deservedly called the Fight of Century.  15 rounds of unrelenting ferocity from both fighters standing toe to toe and slugging it out, hardly any of the clinching and BS we see these days.  The fight had to be the inspiration for the first Rocky movie.  Frazier's vicious, all night long, left hooks to the Ali's body were mirrored in the way Rocky pounded Appolo Creed.  In their later fights Ali stayed as far from Frazier as possible.  Wise man.

Running Flow, a nice article about natural running and walking styles from the perspective of Rolfing.  The Pose Method, which we teach, and which will be taught at the CrossFit Endurance course Nov 19-20 is entirely consistent with the Rolfing perspective.

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