Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CrossFit ATL 4173Nancy

Workout of the Day

For Time

75 Overhead Squats (75#/55#)

The BBC reports evidence that we have been in period of global cooling since 1998!   Why doesn't the government do something about this!

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    I’ve got two aerosol cans and I’m going outside to let them loose. Time to warm this place up!

  • Rob M
  • Heidi_CFATL

    Made up Elizabeth this morning. As RX’d, yes, squat cleans, 16:54.

  • Jeff

    5-5-5-3-3 Back Squat and Shoulder Press
    ended at 185#/95#
    Fun little metcon afterward:
    Glute-Ham Raises
    Sandbag half-moon (starts on floor at right leg, overhead, floor at left leg, overhead), sandbag broad jump, push-up w/ jump to feet (this cycle is one rep)
    14:52 – broad jumps after back squats are killer

  • VAS

    I don’t get it

  • Jeff

    Half-moons are basically sandbag muscle snatches, but the bag starts next to you rather than in front. So the bag moves from your right foot, to overhead, down to your left foot, back overhead. Your feet do not move.
    Then lower the bag to your chest, do a broad jump, drop the bag to the floor, do a push up and jump your feet underneath you at the end of the push up (much like a burpee.)
    This entire cycle is one rep.
    15, 12, 9 of GH raises and this cycle.

  • Steve

    75 overhead squats, Rx, 3:42. Though based on the number of times Bethanie had to yell at me to get lower, not all of the reps were legit hip-below-crease.

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