Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Workout of the Day

Before Class or In Warm up:
10 candle-stick-to-straddle rolls
20 freestanding handstand shoulder touches (Rx) or facing the wall with toes on wall (scaled)
30 s handtand hold against wall facing the wall on parallettes (Rx) or floor (scaled) or feet on GHD (scaled)

7×2 Snatch at 75% of 1rm.
2 minute rest in between sets.

Power snatch (135/95 lbs)
40” box jumps
Push press (135/95 lbs)

Paleo Challenge starting soon!  We are entering the Lurong Living Challenge, and would like for everyone at the gym to participate.  Sign up now.  To kick things off this Sunday at noon we will have a great Paleo presentation on that will include Chef Richard, founder of Pre-Made Paleo! Lecturers will provide an explanation & overview of the Paleo diet, how to become a great Paleo chef yourself, and learn about Pre-Made services and get a great demonstration and free food from them. This will be the best Paleo lecture/presentation we have ever done.   Bring a friend.  Everyone is welcome.

Whether or not you are participating in the Lurong Living Challenge, you should definitely come to learn how to create to make Paleo work for your lifestyle and create your own great Paleo meals. 

What do people who live to be over 100 eat?  Check out What Makes A Super-Centenarian?

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